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How to turn on Dark Mode in Outlook 365 for Windows 10

Outlook just like Windows 10 supports a dark mode. Some people like this because it’s easier for their eyes. I personally prefer dark mode as well. So how about dark mode in Office? While you might not know or do know Office has for years had a darker grey color scheme however they now also have a dark mode. In this article we will show you how to turn on the Dark Mode in Outlook 365 for Windows 10.

How to Turn on Dark Mode in Outlook

Begin by starting outlook on your Windows profile. This setting is unique to each user so you might have to set it for multiple users if you have more than one user.

Once outlook has started click on File, Once there click on Settings

The settings menu will now appear. Head to the general tab if you’re not by defaut there. then under Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office look for Office Theme

By default it’s set to Colorful or whatever you choose when first setting up outlook. Click on the dropdown menu and choose Black (which we prefer to as Dark Mode).

That’s it. Now click on Ok and the theme should automatically set.

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