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Review: iBeesoft Data Recovery, How does it perform?

We’ve been contacted by yet another recovery software developer to test their data recovery tool. In the past we’ve reviewed a lot of other tools like Bitwar Data Recovery and Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. Including some specific programs designed for photo recovery or data recovery from android. So naturally we were interested in reviewing iBeesoft Data Recovery. In this article we will compare iBeesoft to some other tools we tested and see what it’s features are and what features are better or the same as their competition.

100% safe and effective Windows data recovery software to help you completely recover deleted or lost files from hard drive, external hard disk, RAW drive, SD card, USB drive etc.iBeesoft


In general the programs features all the features we come to expect from recovery tools. It has the possibility to recover from your local hard disks but also storage which are mounted (such as sd card, usb hard drives and so on). It also scans and categorizes the most common file types such as Documents, Pictures, Audio, Videos, Archives and “other files”. It’s actually the first option you see when you start the program itself and we loved it. No reasons for a long wizard; just straight to the point.

iBeesoft Data Recovery Home Screen
iBeesoft Data Recovery Home Screen

Once you click on start you get the option which drives you want to scan. We used a Virtual Machine for this test and removed some files in our documents folder and let the program search for it. The program was very fast and once it finished it gave us a nice warning that if files were not found that we have the option to use a deep scan. We did see that the program also shows Windows files that are removed by Windows self like the MFT files. We do suggest you do not recover and overwrite those, ever.

However the recovery results don’t lie. We once again did 3 tests and see how the program preformed. We repeated each test to see if the results stay the same. They are close enough to say they do.

Test Test 1 Test 2 Test 3
Removed and immediately recover 149/150 150/150 148/150
Removed, rebooted and then recover 147/150 148/150 139/150
Removed, formatted drive and then recover 132/150 139/150 135/150

Overall the features of the program are good and it doesn’t have things it doesn’t need. it get’s straight to the point and deliver an easy recovery process.

You can also search for your files once it’s done scanning and the program has a very good preview option so that you can see what you are recovering before you actually recover it, which we always think is handy. Perhaps you only want to restore a couple of files and not all of them.

Design and Ease of Use

The program is incredible easy to use. They are just two screens that tell you everything, nothing more and it’s simply not needed as well. Those screens are also well designed and easy to navigate as you can see below.

However we did miss the warning during the installation to never install the program on the same disk where you want to restore files on or even download the program on it. Doing so can cause files you want to recover to be overwritten which would be a shame.

Overall our verdict is very clear; the program is easy to use and navigate. the test results speak for them self and are very good. We loved the easy design of the program. Therefor we give this product a 9 out of 10 on our scale and we would recommend that you at least give the free trial a shot, and if you love it you can decide for yourself if you want it or not.

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