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How do I import my Bookmarks / Favourites into Microsoft Edge?

Windows 10 gave you a new browser: Microsoft Edge. Perhaps you like this new browser and want to import you old Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer bookmarks into this new browser. But how do you do it? Where is the import feature in Microsoft Edge?

In this guide we will show you how you import your old bookmarks / favourites into Microsoft Edge. It’s pretty easy so let’s just get going shall we?


How do I import my Bookmarks / Favourites (Favorites) into Microsoft Edge?

1. Begin by starting Microsoft Edge.

2. In the top bar click / tap on the three stripes icon as shown in the image below.


Bookmarks Microsoft Edge


3. A list will then appear, click on the Import favourites text link.


Import Bookmarks


4. Then choose from which browsers you want to import your bookmarks / favourites and click on the Import button.

Which browser?

Wait for the import process to complete, this should only take a couple of seconds to complete. Once done all your old favorites and bookmarks will be avaiable in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft made importing the bookmarks / favourites quite an easy process in this process.


Where are my bookmarks / favourites from Microsoft Edge stored?

Microsoft Edge stores all it’s bookmarks / favourites in it’s own application folder. The full path to the folder is shown below. There is no reason to replace %username% with your own in the path below. Windows automatically replaces %username% with your current User Name.


You can paste old Internet Shortcuts in the folders and Microsoft Edge will automatically detect them. It does not use any new kind of storage.


We hope this guide has successfully answered your questions. If you however require more help then feel free to visit our forums where we will answer your questions for free. Thanks for reading.

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