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Import PST to Office 365 by Network Upload & O365 Import Service

While upgrading to new technology or software there can be some files which are not transferred properly to the archive folder. Hence, there arises a need to migrate the data to cloud server. And, Office 365 is one of the most popular and advanced cloud based service that performs all operations quickly. There is a common need observed among users to upload the Outlook PST files to a reliable cloud server like Office 365. In order to upload PST file to Office 365, both manual and automated methods are available. This blog will guide on how to import PST to Office 365 Cloud in an efficient manner.

Manual Methods to Import PST File to Office 365 Cloud

If a user wants to import PST file to O365 manually, then there are two manual approaches that one can follow.

  1. Network Upload
  2. Drive Shipping

1. Via Network Upload

  • This method allows the user or an admin to upload the PST files over the network. Then, all the PST files are been saved into Office 365 using Office 365 Import service.
  • A user must also need to install Azure AzCopy software that will allow to copy PST file to Office 365.

2. Via Drive Shipping

  • In this method, the user copy and store the PST file to some storage device such as an encrypted hard drive.
  • Then, transfer the drive physically to Microsoft.
  • When Microsoft receives the hard drive, the data is been uploaded by data center personnel to a temporary Azure storage location.
  • Now, the user can use the import service of Office 365, which will import the data to Office 365.

Steps to Import PST file to Office 365 via Network Upload

Step 1. Copy SAS URL and Install Azure Azcopy

  • Firstly, using Office 365 admin credentials login to
  • Go to Security & Compliance Centre >> Data Governance >> and then click Import.
  • On the Import page, click on + New import job option.
  • Give a name to the PST import job and click Next.
  • Now, on the Do you want to upload or ship data? screen, click Upload your data and then click on the Next button.
  • Then, from the Import Data screen, copy the SAS URL and click Copy to clipboard, paste and save the data.
  • After that, download and install Azure Azcopy tool.

Step 2. Migrate the PST File to Office 365

  • Initially, open the command prompt on the system.
  • Then, go to the directory where the AzCopy.exe tool is installed.
  • After that, run the following command:

AzCopy.exe /Source: /Dest: /V: /Y

Step 3. View the List of Uploaded PST Files

  • To begin with, download and install Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer tool.
  • Initialize the tool and go to Storage Accounts >> Connect to Azure storage.
  • Then, click Use a shared access signature (SAS) URI or connection string option and click on the Next button.
  • Now, from the Connection Summary page, click Connect >> Storage Accounts >> (SAS-Attached Services) >> Blob Containers >> ingestion data.
  • This step will allow to connect all the PST files.

Step 4. Create PST Import Mapping File

  • Download a copy of PST Import mapping file(CSV file)
  • Then, populate the CSV file with the required information

Step 5. Create Import Job in Office 365

  • Go to Import Data page and give the settings as shown in the below image.
  • Import Data

  • Click Next, then upload the CSV file created previously from the Select the mapping file option.
  • Click Finish, now the job is listed in the Import data to Exchange Online page.
  • Click Refresh and update the status, if the analysis is completed, the status is changed to Analysis completed.

Alternative Method- Using Professional Tool

Using the above manual approach, one can implement the import process from a PST file to Office 365. However, sometimes it fails if there is a large number of PST file. Also, due to the lengthy steps, it takes more time to execute. Hence, it is advised to use Office 365 Import tool. It allows to import multiple PST files to Office 365 of both user and admin account. This utility is user-friendly and performs the migration in a very short time.

Working of Office 365 Import Software

This software can be executed in two ways i.e., with impersonation and without impersonation.

1. With Impersonation

  • Download and install the Office 365 Import tool and launch the software.
  • Check Is Office 365 Admin option and provide the required credentials for the admin account.
  • Check Office 365 Admin Option

  • Navigate the PST file from the Add Folder option and click on the Open button.
  • Add Folder

  • All the PST files will be listed, provide the email address and click Next as shown below.
  • Sample CSV

  • From the Add CSV option, a user can also add CSV file by following the same above procedure.
  • Customized filters can be used such as for Mails, Calendars, which will apply to the resultant files.
  • Select Mails

  • If required, check Include Folders and provide the folder to include as follows.
  • Include Folders

  • Now, mark the Attach Outlook PST file checkbox, so that the user can create a folder with the PST file name.
  • Check Incremental import, this will start the migration process from the halt stage.
  • Also, check Exclude Deleted Items and Exclude Sent items and click Import.
  • Click Import

  • This will begin the import process, upon successful completion, a report will be generated.
  • The final migrated data can be viewed as below.
  • Office 365 Panel

2. Without Impersonation

  • Launch the software, make sure to uncheck the Is Office 365 Admin checkbox as shown below.
  • Office 365 Import Tool

  • Provide the credentials corresponding to the admin account and click on Add files.
  • Navigate and browse the PST files to be added to Office 365 account.
  • After which all the PST files will be listed as shown below.
  • List of PST File

  • Now, provide the email address with respect to the PST file name and validate the same.
  • Validated Email ID and Password

  • A CSV file can also be added by following the same above steps.
  • Customized filters can be applied which will reflect on the finalized output.
  • Based on the requirement, the user can check Include folders option.
  • Now, check Attach Outlook PST file which will create a folder with a PST file name and add folders to it.
  • Select Categories

  • Click Import to begin the export process.
  • After successful completion, a report will be generated with all details.
  • The resultant migrated data can be viewed as shown below.
  • Office 365 Panel


This blog emphasizes on the various approaches to import PST to Office 365 cloud server. Though the manual process is time consuming and sometimes may fail to give the desired output. It is advised to download and install Office 365 Import tool by following the above steps as discussed. It allows to backup Office 365 mailbox to PST format. It has Include folders option which allows to transfer only specific folders. Apart from that, it is also compatible with all Microsoft Outlook versions.

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