Installing efficient Spam Checking with Trusted Software.

This post was sponsored. However we do use CleanTalk on our website as well and we can highly recommend it.

One of the first things every online customer does on the e-commerce platform of his or her favorite brand is to check the reviews of other customers regarding the product quality. For superior retailers like Amazon unreasonably bad reviews would also mean a decrease in the operations and thus worse business profitability in the long term. However, Amazon does take care of its protection systems not allowing spam bots and other unwanted Internet actors to unsolicitedly interfere with the service.

Here is why we would like to talk about the importance of using anti-spamming services developed specifically to solve the mentioned above problem, among others. Such cloud anti-spam protection allows features from spam check api to spam firewall establishments. Whether you run many email campaign and need more protection here or require all the comments across the online platforms to be checked, alike softwares make all of these things happen.

Cloud-Based Filtering Service For Your Business

To begin with, the mentioned above cloud-based filtering services allow customers to protect the website from all kinds of spam available online. This is usually done invisibly so that visitors do not have to confirm that they are human beings so, in other words, no irritating captcha. Moreover, this software is also a solution for  CMS with the following most used plugins being WordPress anti-spam plugin, Joomla anti-spam plugin, Drupal and etc.

There is a number of perks stemming from usage of the alike services, namely:

  • Imperceptible protection: we all are common users and perfectly know that all the captcha functions are definitely not making our experiences better. Therefore, as businesspeople it is necessary to ensure that these also do not spoil the experiences of our clients;
  • Dependability: usually softwares are developed with sophisticated algorithms ensuring reliability and accuracy against spam bots. By saving time and resources, this application allows to focus on website development and improvement instead od retracement of bots;
  • Additional statistical data: owing to the access to the website, service can also provide open statistics in real-time for all received registrations/comments, allowing you to control the process completely. With weekly summaries, you will thus be able to make more reasonable data-driven decisions;
  • Technical support: for the most outstanding clients’ experience, support is usually provided 24/7. Whatever issue you may have, customer support representatives would be happy to answer any of these at any time of the day and night.

To wrap things up, there is nothing worse for online business functioning than the loss of potential clients due to improper website management. To ensure that this does not happen to your company, a bit more precaution is required in the form of special software usage allowing for regular checks and control over the unauthorized spam activities across platforms and mailboxes.

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