Is MalwareFox Really Good: Full Review

For some weeks now we have been advertising MalwareFox on WindowsInstructed. It’s about time to let you know what we think about it. MalwareFox is an Anti-Malware that helps you handle malware and viruses like it’s nothing.

Removing malware manually can be a tedious task that consumes a lot of time and effort from our part, not to mention that removing a virus on our own might include meddling in sensitive data that our computer has.

This could prove disastrous for someone who is not experienced with technology. There is no need to worry though, MalwareFox takes care of malware for you.

What MalwareFox can do?

  • Scans, Detects, and Removes Malware – Scan for malware and remove it.
  • Offers Real-Time Protection (Premium) – Protect yourself in real-time and     prevent the installation of malicious programs.
  • Ransomware Protection (Premium) – Protect yourself from one of the most     dangerous viruses to ever exist.
  • Zero     Day Attack Protection (Premium) – Protect yourself from security     exploits that are yet to be discovered from developers.

Detect and Remove Malware

When you open MalwareFox, you’ll find the option to scan for malware on the right side of the bottom.

The process is simple, all you have to do is press the scan button, wait for the scan to finish, and choose what to do with the malware that is detected if any is found.

There is also the option to scan separate files or external drives instead of making a full scan every single time. The time that MalwareFox needs to complete a full scan will vary depending on your processor and your drive.

My PC with a Core i5 processor and a Lite-On SSD took roughly a minute to finish a full scan.

Real-Time Protection

Under normal means, you’ll have to scan your whole drive to detect a malicious program, but not with real-time protection.

Assuming that you have completed a full scan at least once, MalwareFox will automatically monitor everything that goes through your PC and if anything suspicious is found you will be instantly notified about it so that you can decide on what course of action you’ll take.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is a virus that requires special treatment. You see, if you get infected with an adware, there is no problem in waiting for a full scan in order for it to be detected and removed.

That’s not the case with Ransomware though, if you get infected with this virus you’ll lose all of your files, that’s why it can not be allowed to have access on your PC at all. Thankfully MalwareFox can handle this.

By using the concept of real-time protection and behavioral analysis (which we’ll talk about in a minute), MalwareFox can prevent the Ransomware from infecting you and thus keeping your files safe.

Zero-Day Attack Protection

Every program that is developed has a security hole which a cyber criminal can use to hack your PC, developers will search for these security exploits and once they find them, an updated version of their program that has this security hole patched will be sent to you.

What we call a zero-day attack, is the time period between the security hole being found, and getting patched. A cybercriminal can take advantage of that time period to hack your PC, MalwareFox can prevent that by using zero-day attack protection.

Zero-day protection is a behavioral analysis system that analyzes programs for suspicious behavior, and because of that, you won’t have to worry about someone hacking you by using one of your outdated programs. It’s still recommended to keep all of your applications updated, especially Java and Adobe Flash Player.


MalwareFox is a reliable security program that promises to protect you from the dangers of the internet. The real-time protection with the combination of behavioral analysis and the low price of the program makes it one of the best deals that you can get when it comes to security programs.

I found the UI to be beautiful and easy to use, the scan times were fast, and in overall I was pleased with this program. There are two versions of MalwareFox, the free version, and the premium one.

Both of them are bound to offer you a pleasant and safe experience, the difference between them is that the free version only offers detection and removal of malware. No real-time protection or zero-day attack protection for free users, you can choose whatever best fits your needs though.


  • Nora May 29, 2017

    I never considered getting an Anti-Malware, but listening to all the noise about Ransomware changed my mind, I might as well give it a try. Thanks for the review.

  • Stéphanie May 26, 2017

    I tried to remove an adware manually once, deleted some important registry files and broke my OS. Never again, I’ll always use an Anti-Malware from now on.

  • Anne May 25, 2017

    Ransomware protection seems like a must have feature in our days, I’ll absolutely give it a try.

  • Antje Koertig May 24, 2017

    That is the first time that I hear of Zero-Day attack protection, seems like an awesome feature to have.

  • Monica May 18, 2017

    If it’s that good then how come I never heard of it? Anyway, I’m gonna give it a try since it has a free version and all.

    • Sarah May 19, 2017

      It’s still relatively knew so it’s only natural that you would not have heard of it.

    • Catalina May 22, 2017

      It’s only natural that would not have heard of it since it’s new.

  • Cheryl May 17, 2017

    Thanks for this great review, your efforts are appreciated.

    • Davis May 30, 2017

      What is that? A kind person? On the internet? What year is it?

  • ste May 13, 2017

    Why would i want to install this extra software? when windows defender in win 10 will protect you against all of these threats and its free!

    • Rohit May 15, 2017

      Well, there is a difference between having an antivirus and anti-malware solution.
      Antivirus is a primary defence designed mainly to combat against traditional virus and other infections.
      However, Anti-malware looks out for advanced threats like ransomware, browser hijackers, etc.
      You can read more and learn the difference here:

    • Jack May 15, 2017

      The two of them have almost nothing to do with each other, the one is an Antivirus, the other is an Anti-Malware. I used the EICA test while I had both of them activated and Windows Defender detected 2 out of 6 threats while MalwareFox 4 out of 6. The one covers the other so you’ll need both an Antivirus like Windows Defender and an Anti-Malware like MalwareFox, that is because the two of them detect different kinds of threats.

    • Cathy May 16, 2017

      Windows Defender is an Antivirus, this one is an Anti-Malware. Why would you compare them? Not to mention that there is a free version of MalwareFox too.

    • Melissa May 23, 2017

      Windows defender will not protect you from adware, spyware, browser hijackers, and anything like that.

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