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Mirroring your iPhone Screen in Windows using iPhone Screen recorder

In this review, we will take a look at Acethinker’s iPhone Screen Recorder (screen recorder iPhone) for Windows. The program is designed to use the iOS’s AirPlay mirroring function to connect, mirror and record your iPhone to your Windows device.

How does it work, is it fast does it record in good quality? Those are all things we will test in our review and we will also see how easy the program is to use or not. Let’s get started with this review about. And start to share iPhone screen on PC!


If you’re facetiming with a good friend or family and you want to record it then what do you do? You could use AceThinker’s screen recorder for the iPhone. Connect your iPhone wirelessly to your Windows desktop and start the AceThinker screen recorder iPhone and you’re ready to record and view your friend on your desktop. It’s really that easy (you do need to change some settings on your iPhone but that’s only 2 minutes work). You can then start to record video and audio in HD quality. You can also snapshot your screen and output the recording to different file formats if you prefer.

The connection to your phone is instantaneously so there is (almost) no delay in the connection making the complete experience very smooth. You can also just use the program to stream to your computer there is no need to record it does work without recording. Could be handy to use for example facetime on your big screen.

The best thing about this tool is that there is absolutely no need for a jailbreak on your iPhone and you can use your Windows device so no need for QuickTime on Mac.

The features of the program are actually all you need and I couldn’t think of something that I really missed in the program. Therefore the program scores a 9


The program has a basic design which makes using the program easy to learn and understand. The use of colors and buttons is good and logical.

Once you’ve connected to your phone you have several options like recording, taking photos and disabling the connecting. Those options are placed good and offer easy access but do not pop out if you just want to focus on your iPhone connection.

The design of the program is good and we like it. We score the design therefor a 7.5 out of 10. There is still room for improvement but it’s good.

Ease of use

The program is quite easy to understand, there is some initial setup time required to set you iPhone to the correct settings and to connect the application to your phone. However, once you’ve done all this the program is quite easy to understand and to use. It’s available in many languages and in all major languages like Spanish, German, English, and French.

Especially with this kind of program, it’s very important to remember who your audience is. Most people are not experts with your computers and just want a simple program that works and that they can easily connect to their phone with. Acethinker offers this with their iPhone Screen Recorder. While it’s called a screen recorder you can also just stream your screen to your computer screen.

The program is designed well and they remembered their audience very well. The program is overall very easy to understand. Therefore we score the program an 8.5 out of 10.


Overall we liked the product. It has all the features you would possibly want and it simply works perfectly. The design, however, basic is good and make using the program and the ease of use of the program very good. The work you need to do to get this program to connect to your phone is not a lot and can be done within a few minutes. It took us 3 minutes from installing to seeing the iPhone screen on our computer. We highly recommend this product if you want to stream, record or screenshot your iPhone from your Windows desktop.

This article was sponsored by the developers of this program. The opinions in this article are those of WindowsInstructed.


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    This is just a advatorial….

    • Yuri Pustjens October 1, 2017

      Hello, We use sponsored posts like these to pay for all the costs we have maintaining the website. The disclaimer of the article, however, does state that it’s a sponsored post.

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