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Monitor your IT resources with Olympus Network Monitoring

Network Olympus is a monitoring system that helps you keep track of your business. It allows you to care for your system and check for any potential issues. If there is an abnormality, it will give you an alert about it.

Also, it gives you a detailed report on any issues that occur in your system. As a result, you’ll keep your business safe and eliminate problems.

Network Mapping

Network mapping is used to display the elements in a project graphically. It’s an aid for managing connections between the two elements.

With network mapping tools, Network Olympus can determine the status of any sensor. This helps you monitor other devices that are shown in the same comprehensive map.

Server Monitoring

IT teams use Network Olympus to monitor the full range and daily operations of your network’s figures. It can monitor the network’s traffic flow and performance. You can use network Olympus to record and analyze everything in real time continually.


Network Olympus has sensors that act as monitoring indicators. These sensors have a strong connection between devices and obtain all of the data the devices produce. In fact, the sensors receive all information.

To protect your network, you’re going to need some monitoring software. Try out Network Olympus and notice a positive change in your IT teams operations, threat protection, and work to save your organization.

What’s more, the sensors can receive all the information about your files, event logs, services, and more. They can extract any other data as well. Network Olympus uses over 20 sensors in 3 different categories: Net System, WinBase, and NetBase.

How do the sensors work? The sensors are placed on the Network Olympus and will give you a notification if a third party attempts to connect to your network or tell you when a DDoS attack is occurring. So, use it to ensure that your network will remain safe and secure.

Branching Scenarios

Another interesting feature is the Scenario Builder. Network Olympus uses this solution to help with network automation. It’s a strong tool that helps with managing and creating your monitoring solution.

Also, Scenario Builder helps with responding to emergency issues on the network and assists in diagnosing problems.

You can use Scenario Builder to make complex multi-branch scenarios to provide an improved monitoring experience. This allows you to link monitoring scenarios to a single device or a group of devices.


You wan flexibility when monitoring your network. Fortunately, Network Olympus has a flexible monitoring scheme. Its Scenario Builder allows you to manage your chose sensors, along with all the actions and notifications that are connected to the sensors.

Having customized components is an important part when you utilizing your monitoring process. Start by choosing what components you need to get a solution that suits your business the best.

Closing Thoughts

Network Olympus is the best network monitoring system for business growth. It gives you the ability to remotely protect your network and monitor your employees. So try out this software today. Then notice how it makes your daily monitoring activities more effective and simple.

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