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There are countless software solutions to practice math yourself or to let your kids practise math. Many of them are offline and come with a huge price tag. However is available for everyone with a Windows computer, or for that fact you only need an internet connection and a device that can open webpages!

IPractisMath is an entirely free website built to learn math for the grades 1 to 12.



Learning Math and Algebra is easy on You simply go to learning, and choose what you want to learn today. After that it’s simply selected the sub-category and start reading and practising. Take a look above on how easy it is!

IPractiseMath makes learning math a lot easier due to the huge amount of images they use. They explain graphically very good what they mean in the text, making it way easier to understand for kids with problems learning Maths.

The best thing about IPractiseMath is that you do not need to install any application on your Windows devices. It’s available anywhere where you have an active internet connection. You simply go to and you or perhaps your kids can start practicing mathematics! offers the following Math and Algebra exercises:

  • Basic Math Learn addition, subtraction, division and multiplication to master basic math skills.
  • Fractions Designed for kids of any age who wants to get better at solving fraction problems.
  • Algebra Learn algebra quickly and easily through a wide variety of tutorials. A great resource for grades 5 to 8!
  • Consumer Math Show your children how to use math in their everyday lives and help them make better financial decisions.
  • Integer Understand the relation between zero, positive and negative numbers, and their representation on the number line.
  • Statictics Features a wide array of hands-on learning materials to help children excel in advanced math.
  • Decimals Add more to your students’ prior knowledge and help improve their decimal skills.
  • Calculus Suitable for kids who want to have a better understanding of the formulas and theorems.



Test & Certificates

Have you read everything there was on a subject? Have you completed all workbooks? Perhaps it’s time to test yourself, luckily IPractiseMath includes tests and even give you a certificate after you completed a test!

Whats better than being awarded for your hard work? If you are proud on your accomplishments after completing a test on IPractiseMath you can also receive a certificate which you can download or print and hang on the way. A great way to motivate your children perhaps?


You can next to reading theory about maths also practise on their site itself. You can simply choose any workbook they have and start answering questions. You will also receive the correct questions after your submitted and see your personal score. If you want you can even retry. Take a look below.


IPractiseMath also has an option to register yourself as parent or as teacher and then include student accounts to the parents account this way you can track and keep up with the results of your children and see how you may be able to help them.


Overall on features IPractiseMath does what it promises, it delivers good exercises and help to the grades 1 to 12 and has all the functionality you could expect from a free product, or even a paid product! I would score IPractiseMath a 10 out of 10 on features. There is simply nothing more I think could be added, or is missing that could really impact the learning effect of this site.



The website is very easy friendly and can easily be navigated by anyone with a decent computer / web understanding. However IPractiseMath offer less character and graphics for Pre-K and Kindergarten Kids, it does look a bit serious. However the design itself is very clear and users can easily see what they are looking at.

I would score the design of IPractiseMath a 8.5 out of 10. They could make the site a bit more kids friendly which might attract them more as well. But overall it does look good.

Ease of Use

IPractiseMath is very easy and excellent in use. There is absolutely no skill set required to use the website and it’s very easy to find and practise Math on the website. The only real skill you will need in the end is mathematics. Especially finding specific exercises to practise is very easy.

However some features like finding tests did take some searching from my end, and sometimes the navigation on the website is just simply not easy enough. They could improve that, but overall I would score IPractiseMath a 8 out of 10 on their Ease of Use.



It’s not really a Windows application, that was new for WindowsInstructed. However we did feel like reviewing this great piece of software since it offers such a good service for free to anyone who wants to learn Mathematics. In the end you can use it on any device you want; Windows Desktop, Windows Phone, IOS, Android, Symbian and so on. You only need an active network connection and a browser capable of it seems HTML5 and you’re okay! has everything you really want to learn the basics of mathematics and even a bit more advanced things. The website is fairly easy to use and the design is good, but less character and graphics for Pre-K and Kindergarten Kids . The features they offers are just perfect! I can not imagine anything they could add that would really impact the usability of the site even more. I would therefore score IPractiseMath a 9.1 out of 10 total, which makes it an excellent piece of software.

Disclaimer: has paid WindowsInstructed to write this article. The opinions in this review are those of WindowsInstructed and not IPracticeMathFor more information about this please contact WindowsInstructed.

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