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Open Elevated Command Prompt in Windows 10

Something much used in troubleshooting guides is the elevated command prompt, in other words Command Prompt ran as Administrator. To troubleshoot problems in Windows 10 its important to know how to open elevated command prompt in Windows 10. In this small guide, I will explain two basic methods.




Method 1: Using the Start Menu

1. Open Start, then type in the search box “cmd”.

2. Right-click Command Prompt

3. Click on Run as Administrator.

Windows 10: Search CMD
Windows 10: Search CMD



Method 2: Using the Power Menu

1. Right-click your start button or hit the Windows + X key at the same type.

2. A menu will appear, click on Command Prompt (Admin)

3. An elevated Command Prompt will now start.


Power Menu: Command Prompt (admin)
Power Menu: Command Prompt (admin)



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