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Prevent Unwanted Applications with Unchecky

We all know it, and all had it, Unwanted Applications that are installed with other programs. They are annoying, unnecessary and sometimes your entire desktop is filled with shortcut to stuff you never installed.

Especially freeware programs have this, due to the fact that they need to make money somewhere to be able to afford the development of applications, they choose to add sponsored applications to their installers. We do support freeware developers. but we also support a clean pc. That’s where Unchecky can save you a lot of time!

What is Unchecky?

Unchecky is an application that you download and install for free from their official website here. It has some great features:

  • It automatically unchecks the installation of unwanted sponsored content when you start an installer
  • It warns you if you try to install an unwanted program

If you read through some of our author Kris his posts here on WindowsInstructed you will notice that he advises Unchecky quite a lot, that’s because we do believe in the power of Unchecky to keep your system clean from all these unwanted applications.

Does it really work?

Something to do before recommending your readers a piece of software is to test if it actually works, I went out and downloaded 2 freeware programs that a very popular and 2 freeware programs that are not all that popular to see the detecting rate, and if Unchecky indeed unchecks the installation of sponsored installations.

The program successfully detected all the sponsored application installations and made sure they were not installed.

We included an animated image below of how it saved the day with the installation of a known program that bundles unwanted software, we blurred out anything that could be used for identifying since do understand that developers need to make money one way or another.

Unchecky saving the day
Unchecky saving the day


It’s not a surprise what our verdict will be, I love this program and all my computers, even my virtual machines have it installed! You sometimes simply forget to uncheck the box. If i now forget to uncheck a box or simply click om Accept offer on mistake, Unchecky comes and saves the day.


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