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Is Putlocker Safe?

[symple_box color=”red” fade_in=”false” float=”center” text_align=”left” width=””]WindowsInstructed deems this article outdated. We suggest you do no longer use Putlocker or any associated services due to many reports we’ve received. [/symple_box]

The growth in the number of Internet users creates a larger pool of opportunities for the cyber world to take advantage of our devices. With so many ways out there to access our systems, we need to make sure we’re using the right sites. Millions of people use the internet to access video streaming and downloading sites… and that is not always safe, especially when we are speaking about free downloading sites. Today we are going to touch upon, a popular site that offers streaming and downloading of different movies and TV shows.

To begin with, we made a search to see what the Internet community seems to think about the website. Fortunately, Internet users today are very generous at sharing experiences and some reputable websites hold lots of data on practically any website you’re interested in visiting.

So, along with separate user reports, we found an extremely large pool of feedback and ratings which will serve as an excellent answer to the question is Putlocker safe? Here we can see that 79% of the users find trustworthy and 73% find it safe for children. Not a bad rating for a site.


But as we go down to the comments on MyWOT, along with quite a big number of positive feedback, we encounter an even larger number of users leaving negative feedback and complaints about adware. We are going to highlight the main points the users are speaking about.

As we studied dozens of reports, it became apparent that positive feedback is mainly left about the wide range of film choices and seems to really have users prevailingly happy of the high quality service. We can see many users leaving these comments:

  • “I love this site. In my experience, it is one of the safest video streaming sites around.”
  • “I really like to use it.”
  • “Nice site, I like it!”
  • “Fast buffering for TV shows and films.”
  • “Great site. Really entertaining.”
  • “Good movie hosting website, nice and fast.”

However, the majority of feedback which is left this year seems to be negative. Let’s look at the main issues users report so you can watch out if you’re planning to use the website.


Unfortunately, users find too many pop-ups, the biggest problem being that it’s not always that they can take control of these unwanted guests. Some of them require a large number of clicks to be closed (and going through the circle of endless questions like; “Are you sure you want to exit the page?” [YES !] => Still “Really sure?” => Again and again and again…)


Adult content and the need for parental monitoring

The pop-ups often contain images too suggestive for the young audience. One of the users report claim that the site contains videos, or series and even ads that contain “PG-13” level content, which can contain profanity, sex, violence and substance abuse. Some users think that this site’s age restrictions should be higher, depending on what is being watched. The comments section stores dozens of such comments about annoying pop-ups with adult

Force redirecting

Many users on Web of Trust warn that the site redirects you to different websites. These websites propagate upgrading your video player and joining unknown organizations. These are highly suspicious websites and the fact that affiliates itself with them has led us to claim suspicious activity from it as well. Suspicious ads on these webpages will harm the device you are using as they contain a greater number of malware which is not controlled and often is not detected by the antivirus.


Unnecessary downloading

The site may invite you to utilize their downloader as well as other unnecessary software. If you do, you will likely not be downloading the movie or video in question, but rather a small .exe file containing PUP which can be a cause of damage to your device.



Malware distribution

This website is said to be distributing malware, and trackers. Often computers need a fresh installation after using, as all programs stop running.


Keeping safe

These major threats to your computer and privacy may seem a reason enough for you to consider either revising your safe browsing skills or refusing the service altogether. If you want to use, most users (together with us) strongly recommend using pop-up blockers to keep your device away from being damaged. Remember to not permit the site to turn off your blockers, and don’t click “Yes” for anything before you read it.


A force to disable Adblocker used to be one of the leading video hosting sites for streaming content such as movies and TV shows. Since then it’s gone down quite a bit and is now a host to spam advertisements and less than reliable content. Every time you try to stream something, no matter what it is you will always have to see a lot of ads and probably also a pop up message to disable Adblocker. Remember to never agree to the last one, because in that case some irreversible damage to your device can be caused.


So, after a small “investigation” we could highlight these points from the feedback on MyWOT. We have also looked through the feedback on Yahoo Answers and Quora. The main complaints are the same, though here users mainly ask about whether it is legal to use Putlocker.

On Yahoo Answers we can find people complaining about being warned not to use as some content distributed by it is not legal. Here’s what we see;


The Quora community is quite certain the site itself is legal, but some content isn’t, and there, again, are lots of warnings against popups and malware.

So, the fact that this service provides numerous advertisements and that fact that much malware is distributed through it is an alert to at least stay very cautious when you use this service.  We would suggest you fully examine the alternatives and install AdBlocker before choosing to use However, as long as you stick to safe browsing and avoid the curiosity of clicking on pop-up messages and ads, chances are, your experience won’t be spoiled and you will get hold of the files you are interested in.


  • iamstupid August 28, 2017

    the putlock website will redirect into a maleware website now! So i found a better website to watch movies which is called

  • Jimmy Dean April 12, 2017

    You reap what you saw; if you need to watch black-market videos, then you need to be adware-atized, ha

  • Paul November 30, 2016

    Hi i tried to watch an old Star trek video on Putlocker. The first time i tried a second instance of my browser spawned playing loud adverts. I shut the wrong browser not realising a 2nd one had spawned (which i then shut). I started again and this time the advert installed a piece of ransom ware making my computer beep loudly. It claimed that there was an issue with my pc, that i was about to loose data and gave a number to ring to call microsoft to clear the problem. The message was not from microsoft but from the malware writers hoping to get me to pay them to remove their virus. I realised it was a scam and hung up and contacted Microsoft who removed the Beep Malware for free. I contacted PUTLOCKER but they had a disclaimer saying that they have no control of the adverts or any accompanying virus coming from a “third party.” So obviously this has happened before and they are not interested in doing anything about it. My advice is stay away from Putlocker if they are not directly supporting the malware writers then they are knowingly providing a vehicle for them to infect people. Their disclaimer also says if you have any anti virus software you will be safe, well i did and i was not safe.

  • Peg C. September 20, 2016

    I’m extremely leery of any free streaming sites. Too many friends have had their computers disabled by malware.
    I do want to warn folks that some legitimate sites demand you disable any adblockers. One of these is! Needless to say, on the rare occasions a link takes me there, I leave immediately.

    • Sona Bulgadaryan October 31, 2016

      Yeah, better not to use those kind of websites. That is the best, but when you want to watch that movie and the only high quality one is in putlocker and you will watch it without taking attention to ads, better to keep one adblocker :D.
      I always try to leave the website once I see too many ads, but mostly i find high quality movies here :/

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