Adware Malware

PVCLdr64.dll is not designed to run on windows

SPVCLdr64.dll Error
SPVCLdr64.dll Error

When you receive this warning there is a big chance that you are infected with a Malware on your system, to be precise the Search Protect Conduit which is classified as an AdWare.

There is however no reason to panic, since this infection is very easy to troubleshoot.

Resolving this issue

1. Download MalwareBytes Free from this location:

2. Start the Application and let it update

3. Run a Full Scan and remove all infections.

4. Reboot your device.

5. Install AdwCleaner

6. Scan for infections and remove all found infections (if you find System files in the list then make sure these are not legit files)


The problem should be gone after the next reboot.

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