Qualifications and Responsibilities of a Computer Programmer for Windows Applications

If you are coming to the end of your formal education and considering what to do next you may feel overwhelmed by the variety of options. In a world of technology, there are a plethora of jobs available as computer programmers and if you are a tech wizard you may be thinking about starting a course and job roles as a computer programmer so what do you need to know and what should you expect?


The qualifications required for computer programmers vary but generally, you will need at a BA degree a stable and up-to-date knowledge of the latest programming tools. You should be familiar with the language and terminology used in the industry and able to explain complex coding lingo to any potential employer.

If you have worked in the industry, have a keen interest, or want to change careers later in life you could consider course providers that offer online programming degrees for a flexible option that you can work around current commitments. The flexibility of studying when you have time provides the ability to learn at your pace. Location independence means that courses’ are more accessible providing opportunities to more people.

Programmers also need soft skills to make them successful in the role. Patience is a virtue they say, and programmers need a plentiful supply. Fixing, solving and testing require repetitive actions and perseverance. You should be able to handle failure, be prepared to change direction, and view each setback as a challenge rather than a defeat.

It’s also important to be an excellent communicator. Programmers are just one part of the IT wheel and it’s important they can communicate effectively with colleagues and work collaboratively with a shared goal and objective.


What is a typical day in the life of a programmer? Every day is different and if you enjoy the challenge of problem-solving and making things work then this could be the perfect job for you. Programmers work with developers to write code for computers or devices to ensure it functions correctly and easily. Programmers require strong analytical skills and need to use logic and critical thought processes to achieve results.

Programmers will decide what specific code works for different programs and will decide on what language code to use depending on the end-user. They have the job of simplifying information or using complex language for more sophisticated use.

Fixing and Updating

Many programmers will be responsible for testing and updating programmes that are not working or experiencing errors. Troubleshooting is a big part of the role and may be involved in completing rewriting applications with a different code. They need to manage performance and ensure that computer systems run smoothly with minimal errors. Even tiny errors can cause chaos to a computer system and programmers are the go-to person for IT issues so it’s crucial they are up to the job. You may also have to prepare reports for senior staff with detailed information and updates.

Computer programming can be a lucrative career. With the right qualifications and personal skill set, you can make it a success!

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