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Quality eCommerce Software You Can Install On Windows

Although it can be a lucrative venture, running a successful eCommerce store is not easy. You’ll have to keep track of multiple operations, act swiftly whenever an issue arises, and always keep a close eye on your performance. However, you’ll never be able to utilize your eCommerce strategy to its utmost potential if the platform you’re using keeps hindering your progress. That’s why choosing the platform you’ll be operating on is the most crucial step you’ll have to start with.

Here, we will give you an overview of some quality eCommerce software you can install on Windows to operate flawlessly.


There are a lot of online website builders that provide additional eCommerce features. For instance, the Wix premium plan is one such popular platform. However, if you want to get similar features in the software you install on Windows, then you have to try the Square online store. While it had started as primarily a platform for payment solutions, it caused an uproar in the SAAS industry when it decided to enter the multi-faceted business ecosystem. The most remarkable thing about it is the way it facilitates business transactions between physical store owners with the online scene, bridging the gap between mortar and brick stores and eCommerce websites, which you can set up easily and free of any charges.


For WordPress websites, there’s no better eCommerce software than WooCommerce. The software can be easily integrated into the existing WordPress website by downloading and installing the WooCommerce plugin, giving website owners the ability to run an online store without worrying about the technicalities of the process. Using this plugin, you’ll be able to enjoy a seamless eCommerce store experience, starting from managing the store’s inventory to creating appealing coupons and product pages. Another remarkable feature is the diverse payment gateways you can connect your store with, thanks to the number of third-party applications you can plugin.


X-Cart is another open-source, self-hosted software that has been rapidly growing in popularity in recent years. With more than 35,000 online stores created using the software, you can expect a myriad of attractive features that will help you build the online store you desire. You can start with a free trial period to experience for yourself the fast operational speed and the incredible features the software has to offer, such as its full multi-lingual and multi-currency support features. Afterward, you can purchase the premium plan for a one-time payment price of $495.


Magento is one of the most popular open-source eCommerce software for many good reasons. The software offers a myriad of features, many of which you’ll probably never get to use, but it’s enough to know that they’ve got all your needs covered. Thanks to its open-source platform, you’ll always find the theme, plug-in, and extensions you need to operate the store. However, the digital marketing experts at point out that one of the biggest downsides of using this software is its maintenance needs. Since the large number of features results in slow loading speed and frequent crashes, outsourcing the maintenance needs to an experienced Magento performance and optimization agency will prove to be worthwhile.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

Since 2005, the Russian software CS-Cart Multi-Vendor has been fulfilling the needs of thousands of eCommerce business owners everywhere. The software offers two applications: the CS-Cart, which is basically a shopping cart software, and the Multi-Vendor application, which big enterprises can use to create marketplaces. These marketplaces can then host a number of online merchants who can have access to the customers shopping there. The software doesn’t fall short of the features it provides, where you’ll have access to over 500 eCommerce functionalities, themes, and extensions to get your store up and running efficiently. Although you’ll have to subscribe to a plan, you won’t have to make monthly payments.

Zen Cart

For business owners who want to launch an online store yet lack the needed technical skills, Zen Cart can be their best option. Using Zen Cart software, you’ll be able to build a fully functional eCommerce store with nothing but a basic understanding of technicalities. The software is also more user-friendly than most of the open-source eCommerce software available, which is great for business owners who want to scale up their businesses without investing in advanced developer skills. One of the most significant features of this software is its security, which can help you and your customers keep peace of mind.

When looking for the best eCommerce software to run a successful online business, the features and ease-of-use are some of the most important factors you should take into account. Fortunately, you’ll find a myriad of options to choose from. You just have to define your goals and determine your level of experience to choose one that fits your business plan.

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