Quick Guide To Switch From Mac To Windows

Apple devices have existed with the myth of superiority amongst many consumers. The designs are normally sleek, durable and boast incredible features. Some consumers even believe that the fortified security of apple devices is virtually impenetrable.

However, in recent years, many people have begun to experience the newly improved Windows devices. A broad and dramatic difference from the older, groggier and boring variants. Windows computers have incorporated newer and more innovative concepts, designs and features. For example, in terms of appearance, you can also set dynamic wallpapers on Windows 10 just like Mac OS Mojave.

And the great news is that these new devices can be accessed at a fraction of what you would pay for a new mac. So making the transition from using Mac to Windows may not be a bad idea after all. And if you are already thinking about this, there are a few tips that may just help kick start your transition.

Making the Switch From Mac To Windows

The greatest fear of transitioning from Mac to Windows is that their vast differences may be confusing to their users. However, this has changed over the years. In fact, some of the interesting features available in Mac can also be found on Windows.  The key is to know the basics and be able to navigate your way around. This means that you should identify and familiarize yourself with even the smallest detail.

Mac & Windows Keyboards

Forexample, the on your mac is replaced with CTRL on windows. So when using Windows, you should be aware that CTRL represents the shortcut symbol. So, + A is now CTRL + A.  When searching for your Windows PC, use the Windows key between ALT and Fn to replace the and space bar on a Mac.

Mac & Windows Features

Similar to Mac computers, Windows PCs allow you to backtrack your files thanks to the Timeline Function. So you can easily recover your files and transfer them to an external hard drive connected. However, unlike Apple’s Time Machine, the Windows Timeline Function allows you to go back to the last 30 days only.

As Apple has just recently introduced the dark mode option to its users, this is a feature Windows has had for quite a while. To set to dark mode on Windows PC, head to Settings, then Personalization then Color and choose the Dark setting. To protect your eyesight as the day ends, you can also opt for the NightShift settings. Simply head to Settings then, System, then Display and turn on the Night Light function.

Furthermore, when you are transitioning from Mac to Windows, don’t be too concerned about leaving Siri as Windows has its very own version of Siri known as Cortana. And to the same virtual assistant caliber, Cortana is always there to help.

Yes, as much as Windows bears similar and exciting features as Mac, some of the features may still be difficult to navigate. For example, it is not as easy to screenshot on Windows PC and organize the shots as it is on a Mac. On Windows 10 PCs, you can press the Prtsc and the shot can be accessed through the Pictures folder on the PC. To guarantee this, it is a good idea to set up a OneDrive cloud storage account which notifies you every time a sot is saved to the OneDrive to ensure you don’t lose it.

The working Mechanism of Mac And Windows

Windows has always focused its energy and design on effectiveness. The Windows operating system really does get things done. For the real boot camp works that require the hardcore spreadsheet packages, presentation building, and research paper execution, Windows Microsoft packages are an excellent choice.

So for actual work purposes when productivity is a priority, Windows proves to be a better choice. Additionally, with third party work apps such as Slack, Trello and Skype come in Windows versions thus, giving you a better experience.

Maintaining Apple Features On Windows

There are still parts of your Apple system that can be maintained on Windows to make your life easier. On Windows, you can still access your iCloud files from or download iTunes to manage music.  You can even connect your iCloud email account, calendar and contacts to Outlook or Gmail.

And if it’s too much work, simply check your emails on Furthermore, Windows 10 also comes with a “Your Phone” app you can use on your desktop. This allows you to operate your Smartphone correspondence from your PC.

Surfing The Web

This bit depends on what you are looking for in terms of design, features, and power. Some people easily settle for the basic Chromebooks whilst others want the whole package. If you don’t mind browsing the net with Bing, Then the Windows Microsoft Edge browser is enough for you. However, if you are looking for more power, Windows will still support browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera and even Safari – thus giving you a wider range to choose from.

All and all, the transition from Mac to Windows isn’t all that bad. Plus, Windows has come with so many different design variants to cater to different individuals. Consequently, you don’t have to worry about finding your match whether it is a Yoga style with screen friendly Windows 10 or a portable laptop/tablet you can carry around with you, Windows has you covered.

Different manufacturers have even gone further to each revolutionize features and designs on their Window friendly laptops, tablets and desktops. Whether it the Huawei’s Mate Book Pro, Dell’s XPS designs or the ultra thin Lenovo Yoga laptop, the list is endless.

One thing is for sure that before you make the switch, think about what you are really looking for. Remember the key features that drew you to your Mac and figure out how to integrate them in the Windows devices. One thing’ for sure you will not regret the transition.

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