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5 reasons why you must use a VPN on your Windows system

In case you’re someone who goes online often and thinks that there is no need of a VPN service for you, you might be highly mistaken. A VPN can be instrumental in helping you access region-restricted websites, prevent hacking risks and save you in many other similar ways.

On the whole, a good VPN service provider can give you a much better control over your privacy. Here’s how you can pick the right one for your needs.

On a side note, if you use Windows 10 and are clueless about how to use a VPN service on this platform, here is a guide on how to setup a VPN on Windows 10 for you.

Let’s now take you through 5 important reasons why you must use a VPN on your Windows system.

To hide your online activities

This reason doesn’t need any explanation as everyone has the right to privacy in this world. You might not be aware, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) has complete access to all your browsing history.

By using an effective and reliable VPN service, you can avoid such surveillance and stay constantly anonymous during your online activities.

To bypass government’s censorship

There are many countries in the world that don’t allow their citizens to use free and open Internet connections. The Great Firewall of China is an excellent example in this regard. These countries put limitations on Internet access and a great number of websites are blocked as well. Therefore, for anyone living in such countries, using a VPN service to connect to the Internet can a great help.

To access unlimited online streaming services

When asked why the use pirated content many people respond it is because they are not offered access to the original content on streaming services like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix and others. This happens because of copyright agreements, limiting these services to avoid broadcast of certain titles outside of the United States.

Using an efficient VPN service can help you overcome this problem. As you can use an IP address of your choice while connecting to the Internet, you’d be able to unlock plenty of inaccessible content in your region.

To use public Wi-Fi networks without any worries

Who doesn’t love free stuff?! The free Internet service offered at airports, restaurants, cafés and other public places can be immensely useful for anyone. Normally, we don’t hesitate even a bit while connecting to such networks too. However, do you know that these public Wi-Fi networks are highly unsafe? Most people are unaware of the risks of using such public Wi-Fi services.

To be able to use these public networks without any worries is one of the biggest reasons that more and more people are opting for VPN services these days.

To bypass restrictions in colleges, schools and offices

People and students who go to offices and schools regularly would know a great deal about this problem. You’re only allowed to access certain type of websites at such places. Many organisations block video streaming websites, torrent portals, social networking websites etc. in an effort to boost their employees’ productivity. While it’s not recommended to break any such organisational or institutional policies, you might want to access certain websites for valid reasons at some times. This can be easily done with the help of a VPN service.

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