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Recover your lost Outlook Data with Outlook Recovery

Losing your Outlook data is like a worst nightmare coming true. It is like losing a part of your business. Since there are important mails, contacts, calendar events, etc. stored in your Outlook, losing any such information can turn out to be fatal for your organization in long term. Not only in business vertical, losing Outlook data when used for managing personal data can also put you in problem.

If you are also going through this kind of issue, then we have a perfect utility for you that will put an end to all your miseries. Outlook Recovery is an effectual utility developed with the sole purpose of recovering Outlook PST file data and saving it in a healthy format for accessing. This product review deals with the working, features, etc. of Outlook Recovery. After going through the review, you will have a thorough understanding of this tool and will be in a good position to decide whether you want to invest in the product or not. Well, let us get going and explore the tool.

Versions Of Outlook Recovery

  • Freeware

In order to get a trial or demo of the working of the tool, you can download the free version from the company’s website. However, the trial version may have some limitations over the license version of the software.

  • License Version

The license version of Outlook Recovery can be purchased from the company’s website at a price of $49 only. It has no limitations as the demo version and ensures full-featured tool.

Working of Outlook Recovery

This section deals with the working of the software. We will list all the steps that are used in order to run this software and recover Outlook data. Have a look.

Step 1: Install and run the software.

Step 2: From the task bar of the software pane, select Add File option.

Step 3: Select Browse option to select the PST file from which the data has been deleted or corrupted.

Step 4: In case your Outlook PST file is highly corrupted, enable the Advance Scan option. Doing this will recover data from even highly corrupted PST file?

Step 5: Click on Export option present at the top in order to export complete folders of Outlook PST file. Select the folders that you want to export from the corrupted PST file.


Select the mails that you want to export and right click. Click on the Export option to export the selected mails.

Step 6: In the export options, select the file format in which you want to save your Outlook data. You can choose among EML, MSG and PST options.

Step 7: In case you want to export emails lying in a particular date range, then select the To and From dates. The software will export all the mails lying in the specified date range.

Step 8: If you have chosen PST file as the output format for exporting your data, then you will be offered PST Split option in order to split the output PST file. You can select the size after which the software will split the PST file.

Step 9: On the other hand if you have chosen EML or MSG format as the output file format, then the software will give you the option of Naming Conventions in order to name your files according to parameters like subject, subject+ date and many more.

Step 10: Once done with the above steps, click on Export option to export the recovered Outlook PST file data.

Step 11: You can access the exported data in a new file stored at the location specified by you.

Is The Software Technically Sound?

Coming to the technical aspect of the software, we found the tool to be perfect. With all the great features embedded in the tool, it makes the recovery process feasible. The simple and Outlook resembling user interface of the software, makes it easy for even the naïve users to run the software. It supports recovery of data from both ANSI and UNICODE PST files. The features like naming conventions and split PST help in managing the output PST files. All in all, the software is loaded with all the features necessary in recovery software.


  • Supports recovery of data from both ANSI & UNICODE PST files
  • Easy user interface and working for naïve users
  • Split PST and Naming conventions options


  • No support for multiple PST files
  • Preview of medial files can only after exporting

The Verdict

On the grounds of all the features and the working of the software, we would rate the software as 9.0/10. The PST Repair Tool even though does not support recovery of data from multiple PST files; it effectually recovers data from single PST file. It is a complete recovery tool.

The opinions in this article do not have to reflect those of and it’s editorial staff. This article was provided to us by an outside author and was screened for accuracy however the opinion in this article are his. 

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