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Recovering Android Files from Windows with FoRecovery

Android by default doesn’t have a restore option for files especially not for “permanently” deleted files, to be honest not even Windows does. So how do you recover files on your Android device? Well there are some tools like DiskDigger or Dumpster which are able to restore files using your phone itself. But what if you want to use a Windows utility to recover files? Than perhaps FoRecovery Android Recovery might be what you’re looking for. In this review we are going to take a look at their product and see how it performs.


Let’s start with some basic recovery. The program works quite easy, you start the application and you choose data recovery. A screen will help you through all the necessary steps to accomplish data recovery including steps you need to do on your phone.

It first starts with a device analysis which includes looking up your phone model and such. Why this is necessary is for me unknown but once that has finished the program starts looking for files to recover.

We did think the process took a bit long but that can have multiple reasons. The device was connected using USB-C to a USB3.0 socket on the computer. The device tested was a OnePlus 3T. since we are unable to determine if it was our problem or due to the software we wont take this into account when scoring the program.

You can than choose which files you would like to recover. For the test part we simply choose all kinds of files and data. Once you press Next the true process will start and the program will start. During this time your phone might reboot a couple of times, that’s normal.

You can easily see all the files it has found after it has finished scanning. With one click of a button you can restore everything or choose which files you would like to restore.

Some features are however only available for Samsung devices such as data recovery from broken phones, therefore we were unable to test this feature. However we hope that this feature will be release to more brands in the future.

Overall we would score the features a solid 8 out of 10. There is some room for improvement, like select all, deselect all and a bit more information (such as the reboots) would be nice to receive. But overall the program performs very well.

Ease of Use and Design

The program looks clean, is easy to use and everything is well documented .FORecovery Android Data Recovery in our opinion is suitable for all levels of users. It’s ease to use for people who find technology complex and it’s not annoyingly easy for novice computer users. The color choices and tutorials everywhere make the program accessible for all types of users. The design is fresh and looks good. Overall we would score the design a solid 8 out of 10 and the ease of use a well deserved 9.5 out of 10 for making a rather “complex” task very easy.

This review was sponsored by FoRecovery. However the opinions in this article are those of WindowsInstructed and have not been edited to please FoRecovery. Some images are stock from the manufacturer’s website due to privacy reasons on our own phones.

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