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Remo Recover for Windows

We’ve reviewed a lot of recovery programs since WindowsInstructed went online and we have multiple reasons to do so; nothing is as worst (in your digital life) as losing your files which are important or have an emotional meaning to you. We’ve reviewed iBeesoft Recovery Tool, Disk Drill before. Let’s see how Remo Recover for Windows does.

If you’re reading this article to recover files you’ve already deleted then avoid using your computer too much, and never download recovery software to your drive that you deleted the file from.


Remo Recover hdd recovery software has multiple versions, basic, media and pro edition. The difference is quite huge between those versions. If you want to recover most your files then we recommend at least getting the Media Version. According to Remo, the following features are available perversion:

Basic Edition
It is useful for Recovery of all type of files which are deleted or lost.

Media Edition
Performs all that the Basic Edition does and adds an enhanced support to recover Media (Photo, Video and Audio) file types including RAW photos taken from digital camera.

Pro Edition
It performs all that the Media Edition does and adds an enhanced support for recovering lost data from accidentally formatted partitions, lost / missing partitions or when a partition is corrupt or deleted.

So if you want to recover a lost partition you have no other option then going for the pro version. While we understand the separation of the versions we believe that the difference between the basic and media version is unnecessary.

However, how good is it at recovering files? We’ve removed 275 images in NEF format (RAW images from a Nikon Camera) a total of 7.7 GB of data. We’ve rebooted our system and browsed the internet and watched YouTube for 30 minutes to simulate a real life scenario. We’ve also wrote the review to this part. Now that we simulated a real life situation we tried to recover files from our drive. The program successfully recovered 271 images which is not bad at all seeing that we used the program.

The program also supports some other features

  • Recover entire partitions
  • Recover lost partitions (accidentally removed)
  • Recovery lost photo’s and video’s  from memory cards or other removable media devices.
  • Creation of disk images to skip bad sectors on your hard drive.

Overall we believe that Remo Recover pack a solid featureset and we do believe that a solid 7.5 out of 10 is in order. They could improve by merging the basic and media version’s together. In our eyes the basic version should include all the features that the media version does, it’s the bare minimum you expect from your recovery tool.

Design and Ease of Use

The design of the program is simply and very easy to use. There is no need for a tutorial, all actions are 2 clicks max by the user. The program shows helpful messages about actions you can take as a user to make future actions even faster like the message below.

Overall we believe that the ease of use and the design is a solid 8 out of 10. With little room for improvement.

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