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Remove all AutoText fields from a Word Document

In this article, we will show you how to remove all AutoText fields from a Word Document. AutoText fields offer features like copying text from one spot to another spot in a document but also automatically adding dates and such in a document. However, they can sometimes cause issues with your document and you might want to remove them. In this article, we will show you how to remove all AutoText fields from a document.

We will be using a Visual Basic script to accomplish this with just a few mouse clicks.

Step 1: Open Visual Basic

The script you need to run requires Visual Basic and an empty module.

If you do not know how to start this then check out this short article.

You can also simply start Visual Basic with pressing ALT+F11 on your keyboard, then right click your document and choose Insert -> Module

Step 2: Copy-pasting the code

You don’t need to write any code at all. We did it all for you and you just have to copy and paste the code below into the module you’ve created in step 1.

Once done, click somewhere in the code and press the green start button.

Public Sub RemoveAllAutoTextFields()
    ' First get all fields and loop through them
    For Each Field In ThisDocument.Fields

End Sub

Once you press the green button as shown in the image below you will notice that all the fields in your document will disappear. Be aware that this action cannot be undone with undo or ctrl+z

We hope this article helped you. It’s an easy way to remove a lot of fields in your document without having to go through it.

It’s also a good method to remove fields you simply can’t find anymore but do pop up when you print the document.

The steps in this article apply at least to Office 2013, 2016 and Office 365 but only works on the desktop editions.

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