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How To Remove Browser Hijacker (Removal Guide)

This guide will show you how to remove the browser hijacker, for free. Search is a Browser-Hijacker, usually installed without your knowledge. Enough about that you didn’t install it, and it’s time to remove it.

Uninstalling unknown programs from your computer.

First thing that I would like you to do is, remove any recently installed programs you do not remember installing, from your add remove programs.

Hit the start button at the bottom left hand corner of your Screen. Type or copy and paste appwiz.cpl into the Run Box, hit enter. Scroll down and remove all unknown software:


Note: If you encounter a program that will not remove then skip it please.Right Click one at a time and select remove.Now close the programs and features window.

Using Adware Removal Tool, To Remove from your computer.

Download Adware removal tool to your desktop, right click the icon and select Run as Administrator.


Click the Scan button, allow the scan to complete.


Hit OK.


All items will be auto ticked for removal, leave these ticked, hit next.


The Program will need to close any open programs to complete the process, so save any work and hit OK.


Hit OK after the removal has completed, then OK again to finish.


Using AdwareCleaner to remove the virus, from your computer.

Download Adware-Cleaner Save it to your desktop. Right Click the bigpta8.png icon, select Run as Administrator. To begin Click the Scan button.


Allow the Scan to complete, then click the Cleaning button to start the cleanup process.

adware cleaner clean option


Adware Cleaner will reboot your machine, to complete the removal process. This is normal, allow the program to reboot your machine.


Use Junkware Removal Tool to remove browser hijacker, from your computer.

Download Junkware-RemovalTool Save it to your desktop. Right Click theIs9OuTc.png icon, select Run as Administrator.

To begin the scan Click any button:


Allow the scan to complete, it may take up ten minutes to complete.


Once complete a log will appear on your desktop, detailing what was removed.


Use RogueKiller to remove registry entries from your computer.

Download Roguekiller, you will need the version compatible with your system. CLICK HERE ,to determine whether you’re running 32-bit or 64-bit for Windows. Once you have Downloaded RogueKiller save it to your desktop, and right click it: Run As Administrator.

Allow the Pre-Scan to complete, then hit the scan button


Once scanning is complete go through each tab, and select (place a checkmark) all items for removal. Then hit the Delete button. Only leave items un-ticked that you wish to keep, and you’re sure are not


Reboot your machine if prompted to complete the removal process.


Clean up any remaining files and remove from  your machine with Eset Online Scanner.

ESET online Scanner:

Temporarily disable your Anti Virus If you are unsure how to do so, Follow this guide.

Click Here to download the scanner, save it to your desktop. Right Click this 5wCa2go.png image, on your desktop. Select Run as Administrator.

Tick the box to accept the terms, then click Start.


Make sure all the settings are the same as the picture below.


This scan can take a long time to complete, be patient it is normal.


Make sure to tick uninstall application on close, also delete quarantined files. At this point you will need to now reboot your machine.

Install unchecky to prevent this type of infection from sneaking onto your machine, when installing other software.

To Prevent this type of infection happening again, I suggest you download and install Unchecky. This software will prevent unwanted software, being installed by you unknowingly.

You should now reboot your machine again at this point. Your computer should now be free, of the Adware infection.

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