How To Remove Facebook Birthdays from your Calendar

If you’ve linked your Facebook profile to your Microsoft account or attached it in any other way to your calendar than you might start to receive messages about people their birthdays. While most people will actually find these quite useful some do not, like me. In this short tutorial we will show you how to get rid of those facebook notifications about people their birthdays and other stuff synced from your Facebook profile. Let’s get started shall we?

How To Remove Facebook Birthdays from your Calendar

1. We begin of course with starting the built-in Windows 10 Calendar App. You can do this by using Cortana and typing in Calendar or you can simply open Start and click on the calendar icon (if you haven’t removed it)

2. Once the Calendar app has started you will immediately see all your calendars on the left side of the screen as displayed below. Simply turn off Birthdays which is for some reason the only text in entire Windows which is Dutch with me.

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