Should I remove It? You don’t know it but Should I remove It does!

Should I remove It is a light-weight Windows program that analyses all your installed programs on your system. After it has finished analysing your computer you get back a ranking list with all the software and how many people ended up uninstalling it, and what the current user rating is.

Why Should I remove It and not the Program and Features tool from Windows itself?

That was the first question I asked myself when I saw this shiny new program, but it does something I like very much and what the Program and Features does not: It shows you the Application reputation and a button What does it do? When you click that you get sent to Should I Remove It’s website and you get all the information about the program, for example the Bing Bar from Microsoft

Information about a program

Now only one click is required after you read what the program does, and that is hitting the Uninstall button and the Should I Remove It tool will start the removal of the program.


I quite like the program, however I find it a bit annoying that every time you want some information about a program that it sends you to their website, they could have integrated that with a nice popup for example. The program provides a good list of potentially unwanted software and give the user to remove it. It’s a good tool, but you should still use your own opinion to judge whet ether you need to remove more than advised, or less than advised.

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