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Review: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

We’ve reviewed some EaseUS products before and were always quite positive about them. They never really disappointed us with their products and some time ago they asked us to take a look at another product they have EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free and so we did. Let’s see if they succeed at making us like their product yet again!


There are some features that all data recovery should have in my opinion and that is the possibility to do a quick scan, a deep scan, scan external devices, scan for certain file types and a good recovery rate (as long as that’s possible).

To test this program, I removed 65 NEF files (raw image files from my Nikon Camera from my usb stick (USB Stick so other programs won’t overwrite the data)) and let EaseUS Data Recovery Scan and Recover all files. It successfully recovered 64 files and Lightroom was able to open them, so that’s quite an good, actually it’s a very good result.

EaseUS Data Recovery

However, we’ve learned in the past that you should never trust one test. I once again removed 487 files from another USB flash drive and let EaseUS Data Recovery scan, however sadly I then discovered the 1GB data limit that the free version had, so I wasn’t able to recover all files I removed, woops?

When considering all features and the results we had using the free version we’ve given the features a 8 out of 10. The lack of restoring more than 1GB in the free version was something we didn’t like. You can get 1 more GB by sharing their software on your social media accounts however even 2 GB of recovery is simply a too harsh of a restriction.


We are not used to applications looking like this, many applications we’ve reviewed before looked old and outdated. The installer of EaseUS might be outdated the rest most certainly is not. I’m not saying it fits into the current Windows 10 design but still it does look very good. The color choices are good and everything is easily readable by choice they made.

EaseUS Data Recovery

The design of the software is one of the most important things, while many people might not think so, it really is. If the design is easy, clean and structured then working with the program is pleasant and easier.

We would score the design of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard with a 8.5 out of 10.

Ease of Use

Recovery programs should be easy to use by anyone since most people that use these kinds of programs are those that do not make backups of their systems because they simply don’t know things can go bad or they simply don’t have the technical skills to do so.

Installing recovery programs like EaseUS Data Recovery can lead to more data loss, because it will overwrite remainders of your lost data if you install it on the same disk as the files were. Luckily EaseUS developers knew this and placed a warning in the installer.

EaseUS Data Recovery

I’m really happy to see that EaseUS did this as it will serve as a last reminder to people that continuing can lead to more data loss.

The design of EaseUS Data Recovery is easy to understand and to learn, it helps you through all the steps and explains every choice you have.

EaseUS Data Recovery

I can be quite simple about the ease of use, it works good, it looks good and everything you would need to know is explained perfectly, so there isn’t really much to complain about. Therefore, a score of 9 out of 10 for ease of use would suit EaseUS Data Recovery perfectly.

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