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Review: EaseUS Partition Master

We’ve looked at some partition tools before on WindowsInstructed like MiniTool Partition Wizard. EaseUS which we know from EaseUS Todo Backup also has a partition solution for your Windows operating system. In this review we will take a look at how EaseUS Partition manager works and see if it’s a good product to consider buying or if you should look further.

When we look at partition software we expect a few features to be at least available in the tool, those are:

  • Modifying partitions, we want to be able to shrink, enlarge, merge, split and delete partitions within the application
  • We want to be able to restore lost partitions
  • We want to be able to migrate Windows to another partition

Recovering deleted or lost partitions

A great feature of EaseUS Partition Master is the possibility to restore deleted and lost partitions. Which can be quite handy if you accidently removed your partitions or formatted the wrong drive during the Windows 10 installation then you can use EaseUS Partition master to easily restore the lost, damaged or deleted partitions and get some, or even all your files back depending on the damage done. A great feature which let’s be honest is a must in Partition software like EaseUS Partition Master.

Modifying Partitions

EaseUS Partition Master can of course modify your partitions as well. You can choose to move partitions to another drive to free up space on your SSD for example. You can also choose to resize partitions in your computer. You could for example choose to shrink your Windows partition and increase the size of your documents partition. Did you accidently only make one partition instead of two? Then EaseUS Partition Master can help you as well with splitting partitions on your hard disk. You can of course do it the other way too, merge multiple partitions into one. As far as modifying partitions EaseUS gives you plenty of options, more options than you will ever use if you’re not a computer repair professional.

Migrating OS

Perhaps one of the best feature the program has to offer you is migrating OS to another drive. This can be extremely useful if you want to install a SSD in your system, you can move Windows to another drive, then replace the primary drive with your SSD and then migrate Windows back to the main drive. This is of course just an example how you do it is up to you, but the program gives you enough features to solve any problem you might have.

What else can it do?

We’ve highlighted some of the program’s main features but what else can it do? It’s actually pretty much and we will sum them up for you below, so you know what you get when you buy the professional version of the program.

Support WinPE bootable disk – EaseUS Partition Master can create a bootable disc which could be used to boot your computer and repair damaged partitions that are preventing a proper system boot. It’s a good idea to make this disc before actually needing it….

Resize dynamic volume – If you have a dynamic volume (which means that the drive size changes from time to time depending on the usage) you can use EaseUS Partition manager to manually change the size of the dynamic volume allowing you to control the size its occupying. Perhaps not something home users will use a lot but still a good addition to the software overall.

Convert MBR system disk into GPT – The feature itself quite tells what it does, it allows you to converts MBR system disk types into GPT. Nothing more, nothing else.

Disk & partition copy, upgrade system disk

Defragmentation – Something that can greatly improve your HDDs performance is Defragmentation. What it is precisely we will not go into in this review since it´s quite technical, but it´s a good thing to run from time to time on your HDD.

Overall, like we know from EaseUS the tool comes packed with a lot of features, so much that you will rarely if not never have the need to use them all, but to be honest that’s a good thing it means that the program always has something that you need. I would score EaseUS Partition Manager a 10 out of 10, it simply provides everything if not more then you will ever need.


Normally I have always something to complain about when we go into the design of an application, but this time I was honestly surprised. The design is clean, looks good and is very easy to navigate. The menu is easy to navigate, the features and tools are easy to find and the design overall just looks very good and clean.

Below are some impressions of how the application looks, and why I am so happy with the design of the program.

[masterslider id=”4″]

The design scores a 10 out of 10 as it’s just perfect for an application like this.

Ease of Use

EaseUS Partition Manager looks good and is suitable for people who do not really have much computer experience, in the end partition editing is always hard and you should really be sure about what you’re doing in terms of ease of use the program scores quite good beign a partition management tool.

I would score EaseUS Partition Manager a 8 out of 10 on ease of use. It´s inviting to users however it´s still a bit complex, they could make it a bit easier to use, perhaps use tutorials, video guides or such.


Overall EaseUS Partition Manager scores good, it’s a solid program with many features, so much features actually that you will never use them all, the program is good designed and quite easy to use but it can still be improved. Partition management is a complex thing and the program could include video tutorials which explains what each feature does and when you want to use it, currently the program does not offer this. I’ve scored the program a 10 out of 10 on features, a 8 out of 10 on Ease of Use and a 9 out of 10 on design making the final mark of the program a 9.3 out of 10 making it an excellent program.

Disclaimer: We´ve tested EaseUS Partition Manager Professional, some features said above are not available in the free version of the program.

Review Disclaimer: EaseUS paid WindowsInstructed to write this review, however the opinions and the review itself is written by WindowsInstructed. The opinions and scores in this review are those of the author and EaseUS or any other party had no impact on the outcome of this review. WindowsInstructed uses reviews to pay for our server bills and allow less ads to be shown to our users. Thank you for understanding.

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