Review: Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery

In this short review we are going to take a look at Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery for Windows. We’ve reviewed multiple iPhone recover tools in the past on WindowsInstructed and the main reason is; many Windows users also use iPhones. So how will Joyoshare iPhone Data Recover hold up to the compition and what is differend about it comparing to the other tools? We shall out in this review. Let’s get started!

Disclaimer: To protect our privacy we used stock images in this review of the publishers website. However we did test the product using an iPhone.


They call themselves the best data recover software for your iPhone on Windows so they have a lot to live up too. We expect the tool can at least recover deleted files (since it’s called data recovery) and also do pre-emptive backups before anything happens. Let’s see if Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery can hold up to that promise and our expectations.

scan lost files

Recovery of messages, the camera roll, foto stream and such is all possibile with the tool. Once you’ve connected your iPhone to the computer you get a easy to use screen which asks you which files to recover for example; Messages & Attachments, Contacts, WhatsApp and attachments, Voice memo’s and so on. Of course you can also recover music and pictures however we don’t find that so special. Recovering WhatsApp and Messages might be more important for most people.

To recover files you simply plug in your iPhone and start selecting the categories you want to recovery once selected which type of files you would like to recover you click the Scan button and wait several seconds / minutes depending on some factors. Once the scan has completed you get a full overview of all the files found on your iPhone. You can now easily choose which files you would like to recover (including a preview feature! Thanks Joyoshare). The found files are also categorized which makes selecting only images, videos and so on a lot easier (if you for example don’t want to recovery all types of files)!

recover from ios interface

Another great feature is the possibility of restoring data from your iCloud envirorment if you lost them on your phone and the recovery tool itself cannot recover it anymore. While you could do this manually as well it’s good that it’s also built-in to the application itself. it can also recover your data from an iTunes backup by the way!

However recovery is not something we always need. therefore the application also supports the making of backups of your device itself. Most people start making backups after they first lost files and never want it to happen again. We however recommend you start doing that today.

Ease of Use and Design

We can be short about this section to be honest. The program looks great and the design is very minimalistic making it easy to use for any kind of user without having to be an absolute computer guru. The program is also very easy to learn and use. It tells you every single step that you have to take as user and what that step does. all features you need are never more than 3 clicks away and with 2 simple clicks you start the recovery progress of the application.

recover from itunes


Overall the program features are very good an do their work very well complimenting this with a great design as well making Joyoshare iPhone Data recovery a versatile and user friendly program for everybody with a Windows computer and an iPhone to use to recover or backup their data from their iPhone. We would recommend you atleast give the free trail a go and if you like it, like we did, you can always considering buying the full version for a reasonable price. So if you’re looking for an iphone data recovery software for Windows. try it! 

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