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Review: VideoProc One-Stop Video Processing Software for GoPro, iPhone Videos

In this review we are going to take a look at videoproc. VideoProc is what Digiarty calls a one stop video processing software for GoPro and iPhone videos. Let’s see if it can live up to this.


VideoProc is a brand-new video processing software released by Digiarty, normally we begin by discussing all the features of a software has, however, VideoProc promises to use your full GPU power to convert, edit en adjust 4K videos. We think this would be awesome so we threw it to the test. So we gave it a GoPro 4K video with a size of 3.72GB.

To test the conversion speed, we chose to convert it to an iPhone H264 format file.

The program surely works very fast. It converted the entire file in less than 16 seconds on the clock which is quite impressive. We must, of course, mention that this is dependent on the hardware you have.

Except fast 4K video conversion boosted by GPU hardware acceleration, VideoProc offers a bunch of video editing options for you to polish your videos. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Cut, split, merge, crop, rotate: Cut a video to get your favorite parts; split one video into many parts; merge different video clips into one; remove unwanted parts or crop to 16:9 ratio, etc to fit different devices. Rotate and mirror video vertically and horizontally.

Add effects, watermark, subtitle: You can make your video personalized by adding different effects and filters, adding text or logo as watermark or importing subtitles (also support search subtitles online and export)

Stabilize, denosie video: You can stabilize shaky videos without compromising quality, and reduce the noises of the video. You can also remove GoPro fisheye effect and changing video playback speed, volume, etc. Plus, using VideoProc to adjust those GoPro videos is much easier GoPro Quik. Learn more about GoPro Quik vs. VideoProc.

However next to the impressive editing options that the program accomplishes, it also has some other nice features. For example you can also encode a video from a DVD file or simply download it using the program. You can also add your social media account to ensure that you are not blocked by the video streaming website, which we loved. It works fast and easy. Before you start downloading the video, you can choose which video format you want as shown in the screenshot below.

The download is fast as well but that does depend on your connection and which site you use.

You can also use the program to record your screen when you are, for example, webcasting of playing a game. The recording feature is quite versatile as well with support of region recording or full screen recoding. It also records the audio that is being played. You can also use the recording feature to record your webcam.

Overall the features are quite impressive and we could discuss them for hours, but in the end they are simply great, work easily and work flawless (in our tests).

Design and Ease of Use

Features are important, however an unnecessarily complex program to convert, download or edit a video is something nobody is waiting for. However VideoProc is very easy to use and quite intuitive. Once you’ve finished installing the program, a nice welcome screen awaits you which guides you to the feature you are looking for. As seen below

Overall the ease of use and the design of the program is just right, it might look a bit like many other programs out there but that doesn’t make it bad. We loved the design and it’s quite easy to use.

Overall we are happy with the program.


The performance of the video encoding, editing is good and fast which we loved. We did hope for more pre-defined output formats. The video downloaded and screen recorder is brilliant as well and work perfectly. Combining this with the ease of use of the program and the performance we would score VideoProc a solid 8.5 out of 10 on. With a 9 on features and a 8 on design and ease of use.

Overall we would recommend VideoProc to our readers.

Get a License key of VideoProc + Win GoPro Hero 7

To celebrate the release of Digiarty, its developer Digiarty launches a time-limited contest.

Go to GoPro video resize page, and fill your name and email, then you have a chance to win a GoPro Hero 7 and some accessories for yourself.

At the same page, you can also download VideoProc setup file and get a free license key by clicking the “Free Download” button.

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