Troubleshooting Windows 8

Secure Boot Conflicts with Windows Update error 800F0922 (KB2871690)

Troubleshooting KB2871690

KB2871690 is a security update for the core UEFI/Security components.  The real cause for the KB to fail is unknown at this moment and only happens with particular OEM builds. This KB fails will cause a revert upon restarting windows updates. So you will not be able to do any windows updates if you try to install KB2871690 included in the string of updates. 

You could hide this KB and not install it at all, but the risk is up to the user. Hiding a security update can be a major security risk and it is solely up to the user desecration. I would recommend to do the following before doing anything.

Start by doing the following..

1. Lets go ahead in hide the specific KB that is conflicting the others to install. (Which would be KB2871690.)

  1. Hit Windows logo key + R
  2. Type wuapp
  3. Check for windows updates
  4. Right click KB2871690, click hide

2. Go ahead Install all other updates

3. Next go into UEFI settings. How to do that?

  1. Hit Windows logo + C opens up charms –>Settings—>Power
  2. Hold down Shift + restarting the computer
  3. Should go into Advanced Startup Option
  4. Go to Troubleshooting option
  5. Go to Advanced Option
  6. Go to UEFI Firmware Settings, this will reboot the computer

4. Once in UEFI you will need to find secure boot configurations and disable secure boot, you will need reference to your mfg user manual to find the settings for secure boot. You do not need to enable Legacy or CSM. Usually you can find secure boot under security tab varies for each MFG. Save settings and move to step 5.

5. Once you know secure boot is disable, you can go ahead boot back into windows and unhide the KB2871690 by doing the following

  1. Hit Windows logo key + R
  2. Type wuapp
  3. Click on the left hand side, Restore hidden updates
  4. Restore KB2871690
  5. Install the KB and reboot make sure it went through..
  6. Last step is to enable secure boot repeat step 3 and restart the computer.


Hopefully this will resolve issues with windows update error 800F0922. I figure to make this guide due to the volume of repairs happening do to this issue. It is a simple fix, but is very common. Hopefully with information provided if you do come across this issue, this guide will help resolve your issue. I will provide links of the specific KB and provide information on KB2871690.




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