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SendPulse: Create Personalized and Automated Email Campaigns without Breaking the Bank

If you have ever tried to launch an email campaign, you probably know how difficult it is to tailor your email to the clients’ expectations, always thinking two steps ahead to ensure that your message is delivered to your recipient’s inbox, not to mention being opened or even clicked through by the target audience.

Most email marketing platforms will offer you a range of functions to simplify this challenging but important task. However, if your business is comparatively small, you may feel reluctant to splurge on email marketing as there are still so many expenses to cover.

With SendPulse you do not have to compromise the quality of your email campaign since it has an impressive free plan including 15,000 emails that can be sent to up to 2,500 subscribers, which is probably the best offer on the market (for instance, such marketing leaders as GetResponse and ConvertKit do not have any free plans at all, while MailChimp covers only 2,000 subscribers or 12,000 emails monthly under its free plan).

SendPulse also provides free email templates for almost any occasion, which can be easily adjusted to your needs with the help of a convenient editor. In addition to that, SendPulse allows sending web push notifications absolutely for free. You can also try other functions, such as creating subscription forms, and even trigger-based emails. If combined together, these options can provide you with a good entry-level email campaign with almost no investments.

If your mailing list has more than 2,500 subscribers, the monthly paid options start at less than $15 for a batch of 3,000 subscribers, which seems super affordable considering the functionality provided by the service. You can also choose the “pay as you go” plan if you do not know for sure how many emails you will have to send this month.

Despite its more than moderate prices, SendPulse remains competitive in terms of functionality, offering everything a modern-day marketing platform can suggest and even more than that! In particular, SendPulse is one of the few services, if not the only one, that supports multichannel communication. Moreover, you can create automated trigger email campaigns with the help of Automation 360 feature and personalize your email messages using replaceable text fields that will be filled out depending on the available customer data. This means that you can optimize your mailing campaign to send relevant messages right at the time when the client is most likely to read them and you do not need to confine your communication to email only. With the “resend to unopened” and audience segmentation features, SendPulse gives you an unlimited opportunity to reach your potential customers and boost your sales as a result.

SendPulse service can be seamlessly integrated with your CRM or CMS system as well as a number of online services, so you can send messages from your own project, track the progress, check the statistics, and do many more things your business may require. With SendPulse mobile app, you can add new recipients to your mailing list, send emails, and access your campaign results anywhere at any time, while responsive Support Team will contact you via chat, email or even telephone should you need any help.

However impressive all the obvious advantages may seem, SendPulse never stands still. So we have a good reason to expect more outstanding features which will help marketers solve their everyday tasks in the most convenient and elegant manner. Stay tuned!

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