Software for Windows 10 and Tools Needed to Be a Voice Actor Online

With more and more creatives looking for different ways to make ends meet while taking advantage of the ease of digital submissions, it makes sense to look to voice-over acting as a smart career move. This is especially true now as the pandemic has moved most work online, and performers can’t do their thing on stage or in closed sets till the virus’s destructive effects finally subside. Either way, if you are looking for a fun and potentially lucrative way of building an acting career, voice-over acting is the way to go. If you’re curious to learn more about how to get started and the specific tools you need to do voice acting from the comfort of your own home, then read on for more information.

The Essentials

Let’s start with the very basic; you will need a computer and a strong wifi connection. If you can’t get a full desktop set up, that’s absolutely fine. But you will need at the very least a laptop or a tablet such as an iPad. This is because you need to have a simple way of setting up auditions for different directors who are putting out casting calls, and you will also need to record, edit, and submit your work remotely. You can’t really do much without a computerized setup from the comfort of your home, so make sure that you have this in your arsenal to help start out. Also, definitely make sure that your internet connection is strong enough for you to be able to submit heavy files with ease and perform or take part in voice-over seminars, audition, and so on. The point is to not leave your home base unless absolutely necessary, so make sure you have the essential groundwork at home.

Find a Quiet Space

This is another one of those “basic” things, but it still deserves its own spot on this list. In order to be able to do this work properly from your home, you will need to stay away from loud appliances, windows looking out onto the street, and so on. You need a place to record in peace and quiet; otherwise, you run the risk of having ambient noise “pollute” the quality of your recording. You also should decide upon a service that will help you best send your work, in the vein of Remote Live Direction or other channels that can send the best, crystal clear demo to interested parties. If you are not entirely sure whether your setup will cut it, it is advisable to find a small, windowless room with lots of carpeting and upholstery to absorb the ambient noise. Some voice-over actors have converted closets in their homes and soundproofed the space entirely to be able to produce voice recordings in peace, so that is one thing for you to consider if all else fails.

Learn Editing Software

One thing you will need to master fairly quickly is editing audio. Luckily, lots of software are now readily available to help you produce excellent, high-quality files from home at very affordable rates. Audacity is one lauded program that is also completely free and works well across different devices, including PCs, Macs, tablets, and so on. It also has lots of the editing tools you need to produce pristine voice-over work with little trouble. You can also look into other software programs, but in general, there are different options you can look into these days, none of which cost a ton of money. And they all produce exceptional results, even for a one-man show.

Professional Microphone

Another tool you definitely need is a professional quality microphone. Otherwise, all the effort you put into the previous entries in this list may end up entirely useless. If you are a newbie to the arena of voice-over acting, finding the right microphone may feel daunting. However, you can tailor your search to focus primarily on user-friendly mics that come with USB connectivity that will allow you to take them with you anywhere. These also tend to be more affordable, so they are a good choice for someone starting out and still trying their sea legs at voice acting.

In order to get voice acting online, you mostly need to follow the steps above, build a basic setup, and use your imagination. There’s a ton of great work you can produce online, you just need to be driven enough to build a name for yourself. Over time, you will find plenty of success in this fun and ultimately lucrative realm.

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