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How to Solve Microsoft Edge Problems / Crashes?

Microsoft Edge is the new browser from Microsoft released with Windows 10 and to many older Windows users this browser needs to get some used to. It replaces Internet Explorer (in theory). But what if the entire browser is simply not working correctly? How do you solve that? In this article we will help you through some basic troubleshooting steps for Microsoft Edge.

We begin by using a simple troubleshooting tool released by Microsoft to resolve any problem with Windows Store Apps. After that we will do some more advanced things to see if we can solve the problems.

Run the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter

1. Download the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter from Microsoft.com

2. Execute the tool and follow the steps on the screen.

3. Once the troubleshooter completed it’s tasks close it and then try to use Microsoft Edge again.

Scan for Damaged System Files

1. Right-click the Windows Icon in the Tray Bar, then choose Command Prompt (Admin)

2. In the Command Prompt window, type sfc /scannow and hit Enter.

3. Wait for the process to complete, then reboot your computer and try again.

Delete Cached Data and Files

1. Click on the ” … ” icon in the top right corner.

2. Choose Settings

3. Under Clear Browsing Data, select What to Clear and then Cached Data and Files.

Reset Browser Settings

1. Open Control Panel

2. Click on Internet Options

3. Click on Advanced

4. Click on Reset

5. Then reboot Windows.


If these steps failed to help you then please make a topic on our forums and we will help you as soon as possible.


  • J January 27, 2016

    and yes I did try ALL the fixes on this page even the ones that I new did not apply to the problem. Personally I think the software is just buggy as heck and needs a patch ASAP. typical Microsoft crap. the thing about Microsoft is that they make us consumers jump through hoops to keep up to date with all of their new ideas and if we don’t they punish us by making their old products obsolete. but when they do get their stuff working the right way, it works GREAT. I just wish they would take more time to make their products less buggy and focus on patching those bugs before adding new features with MORE bugs.

  • J January 27, 2016

    I just got a new PC and it works like a beast but everytime soft edge it ocassionally runs slow, like now for example I’m way down on the fourth sentence and the screen is only displaying the first few words I typed. And then sooner or later the whole thing will either crash or freeze up. If it crashes its okay because I can just reopen and I don’t even lose my progress, I can deal with that. but when it freezes, it freezes my own computer to the point control alt delete will not even open the task manager and I’m forced to manually restart my entire PC which is not good. IDK what to do, think I’m just gonna switch to firefox. good ol firefox never let’s me down.

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