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How to start Microsoft Excel In Safe Mode

Do you have issues starting Microsoft Excel? Sometimes other software conflicts with Microsoft Excel preventing it from starting. Opening Microsoft Excel in Safe Mode will disable any add-ins, just as you can start many web browsers without any add-ons enabled.  Starting Microsoft Excel in safe mode will also allow troubleshooting including removing troublesome add-ins.

Starting Microsoft Excel in safe mode is very easy, and this method works for all versions of Microsoft Excel 2007 through to 2016.

Simply hold down the CTRL key  2015-06-03_160018 and double click either the Microsoft Excel icon on your desktop, any Microsoft Excel file, or Microsoft Excel in your program list . The following dialogue box will appear.


Click yes and Excel will open in safe mode.


That’s it, but if you have any questions regarding this guide please ask in our forums Here.

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  • Marius July 15, 2019

    pressing the control key does not work foorme

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