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We’ve reviewed some file recovery software before like Review: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Premium, WonderShare Data Recovery, Disk Drill for Windows and recently EaseUS Photo Recovery, however, we never had the pleasure of reviewing Windows Data Recovery from Stellar. We were happily surprised with the efficiency of the program and the overall good to use the program they made. Let’s get started.

Once again we will do the feature test in 3 phases. In which we will test how well the program is able to restore certain files.


To see how well the program works we going to delete files and of course try to recover them. We do this in 3 phases. Each phase with their own ruleset

1 (Delete and directly recover)7415032
2 (Delete, play a game and recover)6514721
3 (Delete, Windows Update, Install software and recover)7516534

As you can imagine ruleset 3 is the hardest to recover files from. Simply because there is a huge chance that the file is potentially written over making it nearly impossible to recover in any way.

We ran the program and these are the results

1 (Delete and directly recover)7214832
2 (Delete, play a game and recover)641409
3 (Delete, Windows Update, Install software and recover)311026

It did reasonably well. In most cases you instantly remember that you shouldn’t have deleted the file and recover it, Of course, the results were less when we ran Windows Update, installed this program used the computer for a day and then restored the files, but this is to be expected.

I would score the recovery efficiency and feature set a solid 9 out of 10.


The program looks clean and is easy to use. It simply walks you through the application and helps you to recover all the files you would want to have back. The program is easy in use and it simply looks stunning.

The scanning part is fast and easy. You just sit back and wait for all the phases of the scanning part to complete.

Once it’s done you get a clear overview of all the files that have been restored and you can even see a preview of the image or listen to a song. I quite like the ease of use of the program and would score the design and the ease of use a solid 10 out of 10. There isn’t anything I can suggest to improve.


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is very easy to use with good recovery results. The design and the ease of use of the program are SuperB and cannot be improved in my vision. We would score the program a solid 9.5 out of 10 overall and would suggest you give it a shot.

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