How to Stop OneDrive Saving Screenshots Automatically in Windows 10

Microsoft recently added a new feature in Windows 10 it’s Onedrive. It now automatically saves the screenshot taken by the user (Windows + Print Screen) to a special folder on Onedrive. This is interesting if you have a small system drive or simply want to access your screenshots everywhere. However we also understand that Windows users can find this quite annoying. By following this guide you can prevent Onedrive from automatically saving your screenshots in a special folder on Onedrive. Let’s get started.

How to Prevent Onedrive from automatically saving your screenshots in a special folder on Onedrive.

1. In your taskbar click or tap on the arrow pointing up

2. Then right-click or tap and hold the Onedrive icon. 

3. Now choose Settings

Onedrive Settings


4. Click the Auto-Save tab in the Onedrive Settings Window.

5. Remove the check from the box “Automatically Save Screenshots I capture to Onedrive


Onedrive Screenshots



6. Click on OK to save the settings you’ve just changed.


After you followed these instructions Onedrive should stop saving captured images using the Windows + Print Screen button to Onedrive. If it does not then we will be happy to asisst you personally on the WindowsInstructed Forums.

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