Sync your Nikon Camera Wireless with Windows

If your Nikon camera does not support connecting wirelessly with your Windows device with Nikon it;s own tool then there are other tools available out there that help you connect to your Nikon camera easily. One of those tools is qDslrDashboard.
qDslrDashboard has multiple features, one of the best features it has, in my opinion, is the possibility to use the camera’s live view on your desktop. In other words, the camera streams what it sees to your computer (qDslrDashboard connected with a Nikon D5500).
Connected the application to your camera is really simple, you start the application, you connect your Windows device wi-fi to your camera’s wi-fi and you’re done.

qDslrDashboard also supports downloading your images to your computer, making pictures using the application and downloading videos wirelessly from your camera to Windows 10.

The best thing about this tool is that it’s completely free. It’s available for download here.

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