Tech Gadgets You Need to Consider for 2020

In our digitized age, new technology is released on a regular basis. There is no shortage of ingenious, innovative, and awesome tech solutions available on the market. Technology has advanced to a stage previously unimaginable. Artificial Intelligence is on the horizon. We are living in unprecedented times. Twenty-years-ago the kind of technology that we now have available to us was spoken of in sci-fi literature and film. It is amazing to the degree that we have developed and is astounding when you consider how much more advanced we will be within the next century.

It was only two-hundred-years ago that people traveled by horse-drawn carriage, now we have hover cars on the horizon and robot-driven cars that run on a circuit. This page will hope to tell you about a few innovative tech gadgets to consider that can completely change the way that you live your life. Technology has long dominated nearly every single aspect of our lives, and it will continue to do so. Tech has made our lives so much easier and the ingenious solutions provided by tech giants have allowed us to spend more time with our families and friends and let the robots do the work for us.


Tablets have long been a staple of the tech industry, but they are quickly developing at such an exponential rate that they are almost unrecognizable from what we knew some twenty-years-ago. If you want to get involved and find out about the awesome functions and features tablets have nowadays head down to your local B&M store and test out the display models, or if you already have a tablet model in mind, you can check out a computer store online to see and compare the specifications. Tablets now have cameras on them that are almost as good as the cameras that we have in our mobile phones, and they are often voice-activated. Tablets have developed massively and are a tech gadget you should really consider investing in.

Virtual Visor

A virtual sun visor is definitely a piece of tech you should consider investing in this year. Virtual sun visors work by removing the need for a physical visor. They are pieces of equipment that detect the location of your face and create a virtual visor on the windscreen that protects you from sunlight. They are awesome pieces of equipment that at the moment are being developed and will be introduced to specific models of cars, but should be released for all models at some point soon. Virtual visors are very futuristic, beneficial, and an awesome addition to make to your car.

Smart Mailbox

Packages are stolen from doorsteps around the world every single day. Smart mailboxes allow your package to be stored securely and only accessed by you. This will prevent thieves and rogues from stealing your mail and parcels and ensure that your belongings are safe and secure. They do, admittedly, cost a lot of money, but will change the way we deliver packages and be a great asset to any home. Having your packages stolen is certainly something nobody wants to have to deal with.

Solar Bikes

Solar-powered bicycles are a great way to get around on sunny days. They have long been in development and work very similar to an electronic bike or scooter, except without a need to charge them or a battery. They charge themselves by harnessing the sun’s power, but it is important that you leave them out in the sun so that they can charge. They will also charge while moving, providing that you are out in the sun. Definitely consider investing in one of these high-tech, futuristic pieces of equipment, as they can definitely change your life for the better.

Robotic Toilets

Robotic toilets have long existed in countries like Japan and China, but in recent years, they have seen a huge boom in business in the west. Robotic toilets are smart toilets that allow you to go to the toilet with ease and relaxation. They do cost a lot of money, admittedly, and have got their fair share of problems, but if you are very interested in technology and like to stay ahead of trends, then consider investing in a smart toilet. They are self-cleaning and double as bidets. 

Mind Control

While a mind-controlled television remote may seem far-fetched, it isn’t, and it is being developed as we speak. The system works by having a headset filled with sensors attached to the user  – the system tracks activity in the visual cortex and begins to translate brainwaves into real-time commands, allowing the wearer of the headset to change channels, volume, or control characters in video games without ever having to lift a finger. They are still in the development phase, but have been being tested and will soon be available for purchase to the wider public.

Instant Chiller

Instant drinks chillers are definitely something you will want to get your hands on. They are as they sound, and work by instantly chilling any drink that you put into the chiller. They are definitely something that is needed and something that will be of great benefit to many people. No more will you have to wait hours and hours for your drink to chill, and rather it will be completely immediate. Instant chillers are available for purchase now and can be a great asset to any fishing trip or camping trip, or just a hot day.

Video Doorbells

Video doorbells are an awesome, innovative tech solution that can not only boost the security of your home but allow you to ignore unwanted visitors! They can be managed remotely and can allow you to monitor who is outside your home from your mobile phone even if you are on the other side of the world. They have had great success in deterring burglars and securing convictions against them. Video bells have seen a rise in use in recent years, and video streaming services are filled with funny videos captured by them. 

Now you know a few awesome tech gadgets that can make your life easier and be a great addition to your collection. Tech giants are vying for market domination, and in doing so, are racing to develop the most innovative and ingenious tech solutions.

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