The value of VPNs for Windows in 2019

Although Microsoft Windows is the leading desktop operating system, it does have its vulnerabilities. Once you go online, you may be exposed to malicious attacks and viruses. While the latter is successfully resolved with antivirus solutions, data theft may be prevented by installing a virtual private network (VPN). An overview of such programs can be found on and similar resources. Here, we are going to look at three possible options.

The benefits

With VPN, you go online via a private encrypted connection. If cyber-privacy is your concern (which it should be), you are bound to appreciate the advantages.

  1. It masks your IP address, thus making it impossible to identify your real location. The big brother, if it is watching you, will be unable to do it, and hackers will not track you.
  2. You gain access to content blocked in your region, such as streaming video or dating sites. Hence, censorship can be bypassed.
  3. Public WiFi easily exposes your online activity to hackers. However, with a VPN, you are safe.
  4. Pesky context ads are displayed based on search results. Hence, if you spend a day shopping for kitchen appliances online, you will be bombarded with vacuum cleaner ads afterward. And what if you search for delicate goods? Do not let advertisers track you.
  5. If you have an internet-based business, you might want to research foreign markets. Without a VPN, search engines will only provide results relevant to your country. However, to study, say, consumer habits in Australia, it is best to use an Australian IP address.
  6. Finally, you may want to keep your internet activity hidden. If you repeatedly visit the site of your competitor to examine their marketing techniques, they may track you by IP and start copying your ideas as well. Hence, the benefits of online marketing are obvious.


Here are three of the most popular options at the moment. Given their functionality, the prices are reasonable. You could still find a decent VPN for free, but there is no guarantee your data will not be leaked.

1. NordVPN

The Panama-based program with servers in around six dozen countries has a comprehensive range of features. Importantly, no logs are kept, which ensures privacy. Speed, interface, and performance are all top-notch. A full smart DNS service is a bonus.

2. CyberGhost

Enhanced security and encryption combined with seamless work with Windows. Install it on as many as five devices at the same time. Considering the 30-day money back guarantee, it is a bargain!

3. ExpressVPN

Servers in 94 countries, reliable OpenVPN encryption, and no usage logs. Moreover, as connection logs are aggregated, they cannot be tied to a single subscriber. Praiseworthy customer care and the opportunity to connect three devices at once.

Overall, getting a reliable VPN is a wise idea. Ensuring security in the internet of things, where millions of devices are constantly interconnected, requires additional protection tools. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

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