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Things to Consider When Choosing a Webinar Platform

The technological advancements taking place in the world have considerably enhanced communication and business. It is now possible to connect with family, friends, clients, and partners from any corner of the world thanks to the power of the internet.

A webinar platform is one of the numerous alternatives you can use to reach out to your clients. The availability of numerous webinar software in the market can complicate one’s choices for the best one to pick. However, armed with the right information about what to look for when purchasing the best webinar platform, the decision-making process becomes a walk in the park. 

Below is a list of some of the factors to consider when selecting a webinar platform.

1.  Cost of Acquisition

It is important to prepare a budget for the acquisition of a webinar platform before going to the market. You need to evaluate what you need and the features of the webinar before making that purchasing decision. Budgeting will help you go for what you can afford to avoid diverting funds meant for other business operations. Webinar software options are numerous in the market, and their cost can be pricey, as can be noted in the Economic Secretariat’s breakdown of the cost of webinar software. Hence, it can complicate matters for you if you do not set aside the budget. As you consider the price, you need to know that some webinar software providers offer free trials for their plans. You can utilize such trials as you decide on what suits your business.

2.  The Ease of Use

When choosing a webinar software, consider how easy it will be to use the software. The ease of use of a webinar platform can be evaluated through scheduling, setting up, hosting, presenting, and sharing of information. You need to ensure that the platform you select will be convenient for you and your audience. It is frustrating to share information that your audience will not be able to get. In business, the client comes first, and therefore it is necessary to make them happy by having an easy-to-use platform. If you have an audience that is not technology savvy, ensure you select a webinar platform that matches their level.

3.  Size of Your Audience

If it is your first time hosting a webinar it might be challenging to decide the size of your audience. However, you can prepare for this challenge by selecting a webinar option that scales up your audience.

When hosting the meetings you would not like to lockout any of your attendees. Selecting an option with a large audience when you do not need it when starting is also not economical. It is therefore paramount to evaluate your audience and select the option that strikes a balance. Webinar platforms also allow different numbers of speakers. Evaluating the needs for your enterprise will help you choose whether you need a platform with only one main speaker or a panel.

4.  Engagements/ Interaction

Another consideration to look for in a webinar platform is the level of engagement. You need to have a platform that will ensure that you interact with your audience in the best possible way. A webinar that allows your audience to ask questions, comment, or seek clarification will have a great impact. Investing in a webinar platform that allows the audience to discuss among themselves is also a great alternative. A webinar platform with technical support is also good.

5.  Mobile Accessibility

Smartphones and tablets are commonly used by many people in the world. When deciding on the webinar platform to purchase, ensure that it is compatible with android and ios devices. The advantage of smartphones and tablets use is that your audience can access information from your webinar without being inconvenienced by the location they are in. Before making a purchase decision, ensure that the webinar platform is mobile-friendly and is tested before going live.

6.  Ability to Customize

A webinar platform that is customizable to match your brand is the best to choose. Ensure you purchase a platform that provides technical support in case you encounter problems. Customization helps to build your reputation and grow your brand. Other considerations include the audio and video quality and the ability to record your webinars. Recording enables you to keep track of the meetings you have held as well as helping you share with absent attendees.

The choice of the webinar is one of the factors that will contribute to either the growth or decline of your business. A great webinar platform will help you engage with clients contributing to the growth and reputation of your brand.

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