Top 3 Online Security Practices To Enhance and Secure Your Online Experience

There are various things you can do to improve your online experience. People are used to using the internet with all of its shortcomings, including unreliable internet providers, limits, hundreds of advertisements, and so on. This has been going on for years with no one intervening. As a result, if these helpful hints are effectively adopted, they can completely transform the way you utilize the internet.

Change your browser and install an ad blocker

Now, most of us do not mind the ads popping up every now and again, and the commercials constantly playing in the background or while trying to watch a video. We are generally accustomed to clicking X and going on with whatever we were searching for. Yet, why waste your time, and get annoyed when you can just install an ad blocker on your computer, or simply change your browser? All these ads are actually slowing down your internet and computer and sometimes, some even have hidden viruses, this is especially tricky if your firewall is down. Instead, go with some new search engines available on the market, they usually are as good as Google with the additional feature of blocking all the pop-up ads and commercials on videos.

If you however are used to using Google, and pretty much everything is connected to it, try installing at least an ad blocker on your device. This will enhance your experience, make your internet faster, and make sure you do not waste your time constantly clicking the red button to make them go away.

Using a VPN server

The internet comes with security risks. As you are using public and local wireless networks, there is a chance your computer or laptop or even phone can easily be hacked.

This kind of cybercrime is completely different from trojan horse viruses and similar alike, as people can easily access your most personal information, email, credit card number, and messages. In the last couple of years, fortunately, VPN server providers are offering a secure way to surf the internet and be on the safe side. By using this kind of service, you are effectively hiding your VPN address and making sure all your most personal data is sheltered.

But what if you are split tunneling? For those not aware of the concept, split tunneling is a concept allowing the ordinary user to access a public network and at the same time a LAN or WAN, using different or the same network connection. It is obvious how this is putting you at a risk and making it difficult to secure your information. Fortunately, VPN server developers have considered this, and the only question now is which is the best VPN for split tunneling among all the different providers. This is entirely up to you and really depends on your personal preferences as many of them actually differ in price and other services they offer. It is also worth mentioning, using these providers such as SurfShark and similar alike are opening many options you didn’t have access to.

If you use Netflix, for example, you are aware that some series and movies are unavailable in your country due to your location. The solution is simple: change your VPN and get access to “Friends”, on German Netflix, while staying at home in Colorado.

Look at the different providers and go for the one suiting you the best, enhancing your overall online experience.

Change your internet provider

There are different apps and options you can install on your computer to refresh your device, make it a bit faster, and get rid of the excess data. Yet, sometimes the key problem to having a great internet experience is a bad internet provider.

If you are constrained by a contract, on the other hand, you may always attempt certain strategies to try to improve the internet you have. Try, for example, moving the router, or using an ethernet cable. Cut off some devices connected to your internet, slowing it down. You can also try changing your wifi password or changing your channel. If nothing helps, and the internet or wifi is slowing you down making day-to-day activities harder than needed, just call your operator to fix the bug.

Another option worth attempting, and something that has become rather popular, are wifi extenders, which improve and strengthen the connection. Alternatively, wait until you get a chance to switch providers.

Hopefully, you will find these tips useful, as these tricks can drastically improve the way you are using your internet and make sure it goes as smoothly as you can wish.

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