Top 5 Best Google Apps Backup Tool Picks to Opt In 2019 [Updated]

best google apps backup services

G Suite, an online collaboration tools service, has been around since 2006 and most popular cloud software in today’s world. Now, professional or personal users use G Suite for their business. No doubt! It works absolutely amazing. So, is it essentials to create Google Apps backup?

Hold On!

What if when a G Suite service (like Gmail) suffers outage or data loss situation due to cyber attacks take place? How do you get the files record in those situations? Here, you need a backup file of G Suite mailbox(es) on local environment to help you to get data back. However, the G Suite backup can be cumbersome with traditional techniques.

Plus, it’s been hard to choose an automated G Suite email backup software when various options in the digital world are available. And it is important to have a sound knowledge about the tools used to backup G Suite data. After all, it is very crucial information that uses for your smooth business workflow.

Therefore, depending on different user’s needs, this tutorial guide you top 5 best Google Apps backup tools. They will help you to effectively export copy of mailbox data on on-premise or cloud location effortlessly.


  • SysTools Google Apps Backup Tool
  • Spanning G Suite Data Backup Tool
  • SysCloud Backup for G Suite
  • CloudAlly G Suite Cloud Backup Tool
  • Backupify for G Suite

So, let’s begin!

World’s Leading Premium Google Apps Backup Services

1. SysTools Google Apps Backup Tool For Single or Domain User

The best utility to join the arsenal of G Suite Email Backup has to be Google Apps Email Backup Software by SysTools as rank no. 1. If you are thinking of downloading a copy of emails, contacts, calendar entries, and documents with no limits on on-premise location, this software can perform all these tasks with fewer efforts. Software gives Single or Domain user a kind of professional and secure environment equipped with lots of functionality for backup task.

You can do various things with this software like backup of multiple G Suite account in batch, real-time date filter, dynamic Delete After Download feature, Granular backup, On-Demand backup. There’s even provided a live transparent report that includes real data of on-going procedure which is under processing. Plus, the support for all G Suite plans and Windows Operating system is just like icing on cake. The best part, it is a one-time investment software that cost $19 for single G Apps user license.

2. Spanning – Backup for G Suite

The 2nd best alternative for Google Apps Backup is Spanning G Suite mail Backup solution. It supports backup of all major applications like Gmail, Google Drives and so on. In case, when you have small size attachment in email, then this software works well. Additionally, with the self-described dashboard, one can get the status of backups. Cross-user and On-Demand restore functionality to make it easier to restore data in user account smoothly. Plus, it cost $4/user/month and $48 per year for a user.

3. Sys Cloud Backup for G Suite

The backup tool offered by SysCloud allows you to create a backup copy of organization’s data within simple steps. This software helps to take entire G Suite data backup and restore records back into the G Apps account. Like most backup software, this utility also exports emails in PST or EML format and ranks as the 3nd best backup tool for Google Apps.

In light of this, the backup file can be stored on Amazon S3. In fact, the software can be directly downloaded from G Suite Marketplace. Also, 24*7 technical support service is always there for you to resolve the problem related to backup process. Apart from this, it’s been designed for every type of user. Whether you are technically strong or not, you can easily use this service. Above all, it hosts a set of features including auto-sync of user, maintains structure of folder, Domain/Service/User level reports or much more. Some minor improving areas are still there like Granular recovery and audit logs. It costs $4 /user/month (applied for 100 users only).

4. CloudAlly For Cloud-to-Cloud G Suite Backup Solution

Basically, CloudAlly provides multiple dynamic backup services, including G Suite email backup. It is a platform where cloud-to-cloud data backup takes place. All the backed up data gets stored in Amazon S3. It offers backup of Emails, Drive, Sites, Chats, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks of G Suite. And of course, it supports all Google Apps subscription plans. Plus, the data centre location is Australia, United States, and Canada. Plus, the data restoration facility is included in the service that restores data back into the same or different account. However, the user interface seems a little complex and configuration is not very user friendly. The tool costs $3 month per user and $30 year per user. This backup software secures its rank on position 4.

5. Backupify for G Suite Backup

The 5th best Google Apps backup service is Backupify For G Suite. It covers data components such as Emails, Drive, Calendar, Contacts on cloud. In fact, one can set up data retention period by own. Besides this, it offers data encryption, HIPAA compliant, audit logs, SLAs availability. You will need to invest $3 user/month for Google Apps service and can take advantage of all the services. Adding to it, Backupify offers to restore records back into user accounts without any effort. Somehow it still lacks some features like fast speed and has a little complex interface. Also, if you want extra tools, then you have to pay according to it.

Observational Verdict

All Google Apps email backup tools illustrated in this post are the best 5 backup softwares and fulfill the purpose of backing up organization’s G Suite data. All the tools work best in their discipline. However, if we compare all the tools on basis of reliability, speed and more versatile, SysTools Google Apps Backup Tool wins the heart. In the end, it depends on you which tool is best for your organization. So, choose wisely!

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