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Tracking your iPhone using Windows

We all know the normal way to track your iPhone using Find My iPhone feature of Apple. But what about tracking your iPhone using thirdparty tracking apps that support a Windows client? You could use this for example on your companies phones or your children their phones (please check local laws for regulations about this). We found some good website’s that include some of the tracking tools but none of them really describe how they work or if they have a Windows client.

Which tools are there?

There are many tools that can track your own iPhone or the one of your loved ones, we have however never discussed this subject on WindowsInstructed. Mainly because are a windows oriented website and never really looked at iOS products. However more and more iOS products are now coming to Windows and perhaps you only own an iPhone and not an Mac Computer.

There is a free Windows Store app called GPS Tracker by Followmee which has apps for your iOS Device, Android and Windows mobile devices. It has a basic user interface with almost everything you would need.

Another option would be to use the iCloud web interface to find your iPhone using any device which has access to the internet and which has a web browser. However this might not be the thing you’re looking for.

While researching for more tools we’ve found we website called TopTrackingApps (good name) which have a good article about the best tracking apps. We believe that this article covers almost everything you would want to know about tracking your iPhone and the tools you can use for achieving it. We would surely recommend a visit to their website.

How about Android?

Of course not everyone has an iPhone so what about if you have an Android device? Luckily there are multiple options. Of course there is the build-in Google solution which you can use to track your own phone or phones which you have access too. There are also solutions from other manufacturers such as Samsung, OnePlus and so on.

But what apps are there? To be short; countless amount of apps. If you are looking for a solution that you can use as a family then there is Family Locator which everyone in your family can install and use to find each other.

If you are however looking for an ant-theft solution then there is Cerberus with the option of even controlling your phone remotely with SMS. You can also record audio, make photos and see all the calls from your device.


So If you’re looking for an solution for your iPhone and you curious what the best tracking apps are for your iPhone then check out or tools or the website we’ve mentioned. If you’re looking however for an Android solution then be sure to check those out as well. However we recommend checking local laws for the use of tracking tools. This article is solely for tracking your own devices.

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