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How to Fix Wshost.exe Store Broker using high CPU

How to Fix Wshost.exe Store Broker using high CPU

wshost.exe is a process otherwise known as Store Broker, in some rare cases this process can begin using a lot of system resources, in most cases this is caused by problems with the cache of the process, the cache holds files that can be used multiple times and that do not have to be reprocessed and should do the opposite of the problems you’re facing: it should speed up the process.

Removing the cache from your system

The most common fix for this problem is quite simple to execute, you just have to remove the cache folder from your system, this might sound hard but it really is not. Let’s begin shall we?

  1. Open File Explorer (Windows Explorer)
  2. In the address bar type the following path, or copy and paste it:C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Packages\
    Where to paste the text?
    Where to paste the text?
  3. Look for a folder called WinStore_XXXXXXXXXX, the X can represent any text.
  4. Open the folder
  5. Open the folder LocalState
  6. Right-click the folder Cache and click on Delete
    Do I have the right folder?
    Do I have the right folder?



  7. Create a new folder called Cache
  8. Reboot your system


The high resource usage should be gone after you’ve successfully rebooted, if it has not then try to reset your store completely. You can read how to do that here: Troubleshoot Store Problems

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