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Troubleshooting iTunes issues with iMyfone TunesFix

iTunes errors can be as annoying as most Windows problems. While Apple make quite good software, correct that, in most cases perfect software. iTunes for Windows knows its hurdles. We’ve been invited by iMyfone to review their solution for this. iMyfone TunesFix promises to fix over 100 iTunes errors.

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iMyfone Tunesfix proudly advertises with some key features which we want to share first before starting the review. The key features of iMyfone Tunesfix are (according to the publisher):

  • The ability to fix over a hundred common iTunes errors such as connection, restoration and installation problems that can occur with iTunes.
  • Restoring those problems without the loss of data.
  • The possibility to clear up iTunes to free up space. (We don’t’ really understand this key feature, does this clear the cache? We will investigate this further in the review itself).

Lucky I had an old laptop lying around which I remembered had some problems with iTunes. So we didn’t even have to corrupt an installation of iTunes on my system.

The program seems to be doing what is says in our first test of it. The old device of mine was able to start iTunes again and all seemed well.

Let’s delve a little bit deeper into the cleaning part of the application. From our test we’ve seen that it can clean media, backups, the cache (as we expected), logs and other “junk”. The program also promises to make iTunes faster, which I find confusing when you are removing the cache. Cache files are normally meant to increase the speed of a program. We personally didn’t see a huge increase in speed. However, it has to be said that our test bench might be the problem (Intel i9 7900x 10 cores at 3.3ghz, 32GB DDR4 and a Samsung 960 PRO).

The feature set of the program is quite good and we do believe that the problem-solving part of the program works great. We are not so sure about the “acceleration” part of the program it’s feature. The cleaning part can be very handy if you need new fresh storage quickly or if the cache, for example, is causing issues.

Design and Ease of Use

The program itself is well designed and quite easy to use as far as we’ve seen in our limited tests. The design of the application makes the program suitable for almost any audience we can imagine from technically advanced users to just novice Windows users looking to find a solution to their iTunes problems.


Overall we believe that iMyFone TunesFix offers a good product for solving your iTunes problems with relative ease and great performance. We do however question the positive side of the performance increasement features of the program however they do not decrease the speed of iTunes so we will give them that. We would score the overall performance of the application a solid 8 out of 10.

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