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Resolving IE Issues

Having issues with Internet Explorer?

This will be a run down on some common troubleshooting tips to resolving your Internet Explorer issues.

[alert-announce] Multiple issues can cause IE to crash, from simple add-on to even video card drivers. This guide is to only show you what might help resolve your issues. Not all techniques are listed, but only the common ones. Feel free to comment bellow for any IE issues.[/alert-announce]

Microsoft FIX IT Tool For IE

First run the fix it from Microsoft website ->Click Here

IE Troubleshooting Techniques

Try running IE without add-ons. If issue persist then its much deeper then just add-ons. Possible issue could relate to IE being corrupted. I would try uninstalling IE depending on the version, lets just say you have IE 11 for example. To uninstall IE you would need to actually go into Windows Update which can be access by doing the following

  • Windows Logo key + R -> Type WUAPP-> Hit enter.
  • After that go the far left hand side you should see View Update history. Click on View update History.
  • Then in small print you should see  Installed Updates. Click on Installed Updates.
  • Scan the KB till you come across Internet Explorer 8/9/10/11 versions. In this case Internet Explorer 11 should be the only version. Just click on Internet Explorer 11 let the uninstaller complete and reboot suspect. Now just to verify make sure IE 10 works or the previous other versions. If so then might try install standalone updates which can be found here – Click Here.  If issue resolved awesome! If not keep following down the list we will get back with that issue.

So lets say add-ons are the issue then all you would need to do is disable all add-ons and then test each one, one by one. Some common issues are Shockwave add-on/ActiveX.

Also malware can cause issues like this. (Which will be discussed later down the list.)

After all that you still can’t get IE to work?

  • Check Internet Options by going to Windows logo key + R and type inetcpl.cpl in run command. Go to Advanced tab -> Click Restore Advanced Settings and then Reset IE settings -> Reload IE-> Profit?  if not follow down the list.
  • Make sure security settings in Internet Options set to default (Should have been done automatically when you did the previous step above.)
  • Update all plugins example shock-wave and flash plugins.

Mention earlier about malware and hijackers could be the issue. Lets do malware scans, I would highly suggest running MalwareBytes Anti Malware-> Click Here. Make sure all PUPS and infections are removed. Once infections cleared go ahead check proxy settings.

  • Hit Windows Logo Key + R -> Type inetcpl.cpl in run box -> go to Connection tab -> Lan Settings -> Make sure proxy not set and check box “Automatically Detect Settings” – > Reload IE -> Profit?

Still not working?!?

Lets try some more techniques here..

(At this point lets say all malware removed.)

  • Make sure IE is updated go ahead get the latest version.
  • Try running Hardware acceleration mode in Internet Options. Go to Run->inetcpl.cpl->Internet Options->Advanced-> Under Accelerated Graphics check mark “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering” -> Reload IE
  • Check for the latest driver updates for your graphics card or roll back driver.
  • Check safe mode with networking through F8 Advanced Option Menu to see if IE works. If IE does not work in safe mode then most likely could have been malware related or OS corruption which I will provide more on that towards the end.

Works in safe mode then do the following

  • Do a clean boot how to do clean boot go to this link -> Click Here 
  • Disable any AV ( As long as Infections are removed.)
  • Check firewall settings and restore to default settings if need to.
  • If all the above fails then last restore do the following bellow


Last result do the following

  • You could try creating new administrative account and see if IE works properly, if not go to next bullet.
  • I would try a system restore point if you created already if not suggest backing up all user data and restore computer to factory settings. Sometimes issues could be pointed to the registry/permission/OS corruption at this point that would be the last resort.


Hopefully your IE issues will be resolved from reading the above and If not feel free to comment!




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