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I upgraded to Windows 10 can I go back to my earlier version of Windows?

Yes, you can. If you have just upgraded to Windows 10 and want to go back to your earlier version of Windows then you can. Windows 10 creates a Windows.old folder when you install Windows 10. If this folder still exists and it’s not been more than 30 days since you upgraded to Windows 10.

If it’s been more than 30 days or the Windows.old map no longer exists then there is no way to go back to your earlier version anymore.


  • You need to be signed into an Administrator account of the computer
  • You must have the Windows.old folder intact and untouched.
  • You’ve upgraded not longer than 30 days ago.

How to Go Back

1. Open Settings by clicking on the Windows tray icon, and then Settings  (or Type ” settings ” in the Cortana search bar and click on Settings)

Windows 10: Settings

2. Click or tap on Update and Security

Update and Security
Update and Security

3. Click on Recovery


4. Then find ” Go back to Windows X”  (The X stands for your old version)

[symple_box color=”red” fade_in=”false” float=”center” text_align=”left” width=””] Windows will advice it as well. But we want to stress that it’s important to make backups of all your files that you really don’t want to lose. This process should not affect files. However it’s better to be safe than sorry.

5. Click on Get Started

Windows 10: Go Back to your Old Version

This process will take a couple of minutes to hours to complete. Make sure that your battery is fully charged. We hope this tutorial helped you on how to go back to your earlier version of Windows. If you need more help than feel free to ask any question you have on our forums.

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