Use the Metro Start instead of Start Menu on Windows 10

Got used to the Metro Start instead of Start Menu on Windows 10 instead of the start menu? I’ll explain you how to get the old Metro Start back!

[symple_box color=”yellow” fade_in=”false” float=”center” text_align=”left” width=””] This tutorials contains steps where you have to log out of your Windows Account. Make sure all your work is saved.


1. Begin by opening Start menu and type Control Panel

2. Then Click on Control Panel

3. Then Click on Appearance and Personalization


Windows 10: Control Panel
Windows 10: Control Panel

4. Then Click on Taskbar and Navigation

5. Click on the Tab Start Menu

6. Uncheck the box Use the Start Menu instead of Start Screen

Use Metro Start instead of Start Menu
Use Metro Start instead of Start Menu

7. Now click OK. You’ll be prompted to sign out and in again. Do this.

You will now again have the metro start instead of start menu.

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