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Useful Programs To Have If You Want To Stay Connected To You Loved Ones

The Windows operating system is one of the most popular choices for numerous people worldwide. Microsoft’s legacy will still live on for many years to come, especially since it’s a great operating system for connecting with people. 

Whether you’re a business trying to reach customers or an individual trying to get in touch with loved ones, you will have several ways to do so easily. Read on to learn about the different ways to stay in touch with your friends, family members, and even customers by utilizing Windows 10. 

Video Conferencing

One of the most popular and appealing methods of connecting with people is by using video conferencing software. You have several choices available, and each one works perfectly for individual calls, important business calls, and conferences. When you’re working from home, and you want to get your colleagues together for a meeting, you can start your conference call easily and discuss different topics about your work conveniently from home. Most of these apps have a screen-sharing feature, and that is handy when you want to display information and statistics from your computer. This method is also great for digital family gatherings because everyone can talk and have fun doing activities together. Windows 10 helps you achieve this because you can organize every application you use and sync them with other devices. Additionally, you can sync all your photos, videos, and links that you all shared together.

Text Messaging

Windows 10 can help you manage your text messages conveniently because it has features that make the process easy. The operating system has a Your Phone app that can link your devices together, allowing you to send any text from your PC without picking up your phone. It also has protection methods to secure your information and transactions. Advice from the mobile and messaging solutions provider at suggests that the two-factor authentication system and PIN codes can keep passwords and transactions safe for users. It is a great feature to use, and it streamlines every step for you safely. You can save time and effort when you link your devices to send text messages to your family and friends quickly and safely. It’s also a great method to connect with customers if you’re using the feature for your business.

Voice Calls

This operating system can help you with voice calls to your friends and family whenever you want. It can be done via the Your Phone app on Windows 10, and you can conveniently receive calls from your loved ones on your computer. You merely need to follow these steps to set up the calls properly. You need a Windows 10 version 1803 or higher, and at least a working android phone with a 7.0 version or higher. The phone dialer shows up clearly after you link your devices. 

A notification will be sent to your phone to verify the connection, and all you have to do is click the “Allow” button. Pairing your devices with Bluetooth is required for the process to go smoothly. You will see instructions when you open the dialer window on your computer, and after you approve every step to access contacts and call logs, you can make calls to your loved ones whenever you like.

Shared Photo Albums

Another method of connecting with your loved ones is via the shared photo albums that the operating system can organize for you. Microsoft has built-in universal applications that allow you to post and share photos and video clips with your family members and friends. They can connect with you and do the same by sharing their albums using the universal app too. The system is designed for convenience, and you can share multiple photos and videos at once. You merely need to open the folder with the albums and photos and tap on each one to share it. Each app is different, but they all have on-screen instructions that can help you with every step.

Technology and software is a wonderful thing to have in our lives. It can be used for good and for connecting with people. It’s nice to have an easier and convenient method of contacting your family or friends. Organizing applications and choosing to send text messages or starting voice and video calls make our social life a lot easier. If it weren’t for operating systems, technology, and applications, we would have never been able to socialize and stay in touch with people during the tough times of social distancing. People started to appreciate the ease of access methods ever since the global coronavirus pandemic. 

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