VideoProc an good alternative for GoPro Studio?

If you have a GoPro and a Windows device you may have noticed that some apps don’t play those GoPro HEVC video formats. You can of course download some codec packs or VLC Media Player to get the items to play but that doesn’t always work. Especially not if you have an older computer which simply can’t handle the full size 4K video’s (old processor, old video card and such). In this article we are going to take a look at VideoProc. VideoProc should replace the old GoPro studio according to the developer. GoPro studio which is no longer maintained by GoPro. Therefor VideoProc might be a good alternative to the GoPro studio.

VideoProc is a good solution for Windows (and also Mac users) who are looking for:

  • A simple and easy to use editing tool for GoPro video’s such as editing, converting and processing 4k video’s.
  • Need a fast and stable 4K editing software.

if you are a professional then this software might be too simple for you. For example if you normally work with Final Cut, Adobe Premiere and such but we are quite certain that these users know that themselves. Give it a shot and download GoPro Studio

VideoProc Main Features

The VideoProc tool supports all kinds of video formats and not only those you get from recording on a GoPro. It supports video files with all kinds of frame rates and file formats like MP4, HEVC, MOV, AVI and such files. It supports also all kinds of resolutions such as 1080p (full hd), 4K and more.

main ui of VideoProc

Once you start the program you can choose edit a video, a dvd (they still exists?) download files or even record you screen. We loved the possibility to download and record the screen. While you might not use them a lot, it could be very useful sometimes and it’s a nice addition to have.

The great thing about VideoProc is that it not only contains all basic options to edit, cut, trim, merge, resize, rotate, flip, add effect subtitle, enhance any videos, Gif etc. But also provides advanced options to fix footage, deshake footage, denoise footage, correct lens distortion (which can be incredible annoying to watch!), A/V sync, adjust playback speed and much more.

It also supports the use of Hardware acceleration, while this is nothing new most free tools don’t seem to have it or it simply isn’t integrated properly. In our test it fully used Intel QSV and NVIDIA hardware acceleration making the rendering process a lot quicker. The advantage of this is that the application uses less CPU power and does more on the GPU.

It also supports adding subtitles to your video files which is nice to have if a recorded GoPro conversation is hard to understand (for example with the thicker GoPro body). We also loved the possibility to create GIFs from Video’s ?.

Design and Ease of Use

The program design is good and easy to work with. We don’t have much to say about it. There are good tutorial available helping you through all the steps and with all the features the program has. We didn’t need to read those tutorials since we believe the program is so easy to understand that it just leads you trough it with easy and one click options

Overall we think the program is a good alternative to GoPro Studio for Windows. And you should give it a try to edit GoPro video’s but also to download video’s, record your screen and much more. At least give the free trail a try and download VideoProc for a try.

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