Watching 4k video’s on Windows 10

Windows 10 by default support a huge range of computers from very strong ones to less strong ones. However we all want the best video quality playing on our device and at the moment of writing this article 4k is mostly mainstream. While some enthuaists already have 8k displays and computers able to play video in 8k most of us are happy simply to play games in 4K and record them in 4K but also just to watch a 4k video clip on YouTube or from a Blu-Ray.

So how do you watch 4k video’s in Windows 10? It quite depends on what kind of software you have already installed but also on what kind of 4K video file you have. Some files require specials codecs to be installed on your system, like we explained in this article. But some play by default on Windows 10 in the integrated video app or in thirth-party apps like VLC.

But what about if your computer or the device you want to play the video on is unable to play the video format? For example because of the computer’s lack in performance or simply because the display or the device you want to use doesn’t support the high resolution? Then you could use a video processing tool to convert the video down to 1080p (full hd) or even lower.

By processing the video the file get’s smaller but also the resolution is reduced (in this example) doing this makes the process of playing the video on your device or computer a lot easier. So how do you process video’s this way? There are quite  a lot of ways to do this.

1. Using an online tool

A good example of an online tool is ClipChamp which offers free video conversion online which is used by large brands like Microsoft, Google and so on according to their website. The online disadvantage of their free online package is the watermarking on the video’s. However in terms of privacy and trustworthiness it’s a good option. The solution is really easy, simply choose your file, upload it, and choose which type of conversion you want. You can for example export to 1080p webp file and so on.

Click start to convert your video.

2. Using VideoProc

VideoProc is a basic 4K video editing tool developed by Digiarty and we’ve talked about them before on WindowsInstructed. The tool makes it easy to cut, split, merge, rotate, trim, subtitle and so on all your different kind of video’s but also, and that’s the most important for this article convert your video’s from almost any known file format to any other file format you want. It supports pre-made export formats like for an iPhone or Android device or for your Samsung Smart TV for example.

How to Cut Videos

The handy thing about using an offline tool like VideoProc is simply that first you don’t have to upload your video to any cloud service (data usage, privacy and so on, upload time) and that you’re more free to choose the export format you like.

Another great advantage of an offline tool like VideoProc is the features that it brings a lot more features than any offline tool could, such as download and record.

3. Using any other tool

If you don’t like the two options we showed in the paragraphs above than a simple Google Search would help you along the way. Just search for 4K converter and you will find tons of options to choose from. From easy to use commercial products to easy to use freeware but also hard to use program’s intended for more euthanasic computer users.

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